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    ASTM D4849 - 21

    Standard Terminology Related to Yarns and Fibers

    Active Standard ASTM D4849 | Developed by Subcommittee: D13.58

    Book of Standards Volume: 07.02

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    1. Scope

    1.1 This standard is a compilation of terminology developed by Committee D13.58 on Yarns and Fibers.

    1.1.1 This terminology, mostly definitions, is unique to fibers and yarns used in the textile industry. Terms that are generally understood or adequately defined in other readily available sources are not included.

    1.1.2 Subcommittee D13.58 has jurisdictional responsibility for every item in this standard. The standards in which the terms and definitions are used are listed by number after the definition. The wording of an entry cannot be changed without the approval of 13.58 subcommittee. Any changes approved by the subcommittee and main committee are then directed to subcommittee D13.92 on Terminology for subsequent changes or additions to Terminology D123.

    1.1.3 This terminology standard is not all inclusive of the terms under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee D13.58. Other terminology standards under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee D13.58 are D3888, D4466, and D4848.

    1.2 This international standard was developed in accordance with internationally recognized principles on standardization established in the Decision on Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recommendations issued by the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee.

    2. Referenced Documents (purchase separately) The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.

    ASTM Standards

    D76 Specification for Tensile Testing Machines for Textiles

    D123 Terminology Relating to Textiles

    D204 Test Methods for Sewing Threads

    D861 Practice for Use of the Tex System to Designate Linear Density of Fibers, Yarn Intermediates, and Yarns

    D1059 Test Method for Yarn Number Based on Short-Length Specimens

    D1230 Test Method for Flammability of Apparel Textiles

    D1244 Practice for Designation of Yarn Construction

    D1422 Test Method for Twist in Single Spun Yarns by the Untwist-Retwist Method

    D1423 Test Method for Twist in Yarns by Direct-Counting

    D1425 Test Method for Evenness of Textile Strands Using Capacitance Testing Equipment

    D1577 Test Methods for Linear Density of Textile Fibers

    D1578 Test Method for Breaking Strength of Yarn in Skein Form

    D1907 Test Method for Linear Density of Yarn (Yarn Number) by the Skein Method

    D2102 Test Method for Shrinkage of Textile Fibers (Bundle Test)

    D2255 Test Method for Grading Spun Yarns for Appearance

    D2258 Practice for Sampling Yarn for Testing

    D2259 Test Method for Shrinkage of Yarns

    D2260 Tables of Conversion Factors and Equivalent Yarn Numbers Measured in Various Numbering Systems

    D2402 Test Method for Water Retention of Textile Fibers (Centrifuge Procedure)

    D2494 Test Method for Commercial Mass of a Shipment of Yarn or Manufactured Staple Fiber or Tow

    D2612 Test Method for Fiber Cohesion in Sliver and Top (Static Tests)

    D2644 Tolerances for Yarns Spun on the Woolen System

    D2645 Tolerances for Yarns Spun on the Cotton or Worsted Systems

    D3106 Test Method for Permanent Deformation of Elastomeric Yarns

    D3108 Test Method for Coefficient of Friction, Yarn to Solid Material

    D3128 Specification for 2-Methoxyethanol

    D3217 Test Methods for Breaking Tenacity of Manufactured Textile Fibers in Loop or Knot Configurations

    D3218 Specification for Polyolefin Monofilaments

    D3333 Practice for Sampling Manufactured Staple Fibers, Sliver, or Tow for Testing

    D3334 Test Method for Fabrics Woven from Polyolefin Monofilaments

    D3412 Test Method for Coefficient of Friction, Yarn to Yarn

    D3513 Test Method for Overlength Fiber Content of Manufactured Staple Fiber

    D3693 Specification for Labeled Length per Holder of Sewing Thread

    D3822 Test Method for Tensile Properties of Single Textile Fibers

    D3823 Practice for Determining Ticket Numbers for Sewing Threads

    D3888 Terminology for Yarn Spinning Systems

    D3937 Test Method for Crimp Frequency of Manufactured Staple Fibers

    D3990 Terminology Relating to Fabric Defects

    D4031 Test Method for Bulk Properties of Textured Yarns

    D4120 Test Method for Fiber Cohesion in Roving, Sliver, and Top in Dynamic Tests

    D4238 Test Method for Electrostatic Propensity of Textiles

    D4466 Terminology Related to Multicomponent Textile Fibers

    D4724 Test Method for Entanglements in Filament Yarns by Needle Insertion

    D4848 Terminology Related to Force, Deformation and Related Properties of Textiles


    D4911 Tolerances for Yarns Made of Man-Made Fibers and Spun on the Parrallel Worsted or Modified Worsted System

    D5103 Test Method for Length and Length Distribution of Manufactured Staple Fibers (Single-Fiber Test)

    D5104 Test Method for Shrinkage of Textile Fibers (Single-Fiber Test)

    D5332 Test Method for Fiber Length and Length Distribution of Cotton Fibers

    D5344 Test Method for Extension Force of Partially Oriented Yarn

    D5647 Guide for Measuring Hairiness of Yarns by the Photo-Electric Apparatus

    D6197 Test Method for Classifying and Counting Faults in Spun Yarns in Electronic Tests

    D6587 Test Method for Yarn Number Using Automatic Tester

    D6612 Test Method for Yarn Number and Yarn Number Variability Using Automated Tester

    D6774 Test Method for Crimp and Shrinkage Properties for Textured Yarns Using a Dynamic Textured Yarn Tester

    ICS Code

    ICS Number Code 59.080.20 (Yarns)

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    DOI: 10.1520/D4849-21

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    ASTM D4849-21, Standard Terminology Related to Yarns and Fibers, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2021, www.astm.org

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