Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact if I have questions, comments or suggestions?
Contact Kevin Shanahan at or 443-885-9762.
Is there a preferred web browser for SpecBuilder?
All browsers will be compatible. Using the most recent version will guarantee an improved user experience.
Can we have more than one Administrator for our account?
Yes, SpecBuilder allows for a Master Administrator and any number of Group Administrators. This can be set up or modified at any time in the Administrator area.
Can we customize the system for SASO requirements?
There might a special use case scenario wherein ASTM can make minor adjustments to the system; this is atypical. However, SpecBuilder already offers the ability for customers to tailor the names of documents, task groups and a few other current features.
If we want to add features or make changes to the platform to better suit our organization, can we do this?
If your request is critical, or if it can be beneficial to other customers, we will investigate the request and create a project spec that details timeline and costs of added features. It is atypical for ASTM to make minor adjustments to the system; however, special use case scenarios can be considered.
For auditing purposes, is there an archive of each project's document changes?
Users will be able to access a detailed History for each one of the critical steps for future reference for an audit. The projects can be archived and kept for as long as you want.
Who owns the data that in the collaboration area?
The customer owns 100% of their data.
Does the system store the data on a physical server or in the cloud? Who protects this data?
SpecBuilder servers are in the United States and are fault tolerant with full load balancing. We add more servers as needed. We also use Google cloud platform for extended fault tolerance and improved access performance, especially outside the United States.
Are reports available in SpecBuilder?
Yes, SpecBuilder provides User Reports and Voting Reports that captures a great deal of information, and these reports can be exported to Excel.
Can we change the system interface to another language?
We are working on bringing the same navigational translations that we have on our ASTM Compass® platform to SpecBuilder in 2018. We offer 14 different languages on the Compass platform.
What programming language was used to build the system?
SpecBuilder uses C#, JavaScript.
What kind of databases are used in the system?
SpecBuilder uses the same database as the ASTM Compass platform. MS SQL in the background.