SpecBuilder Features

    One platform for all of your document development needs. Case Study



    • Access documents under development, initiate discussions, upload and view supporting files
    • Go beyond standards to name your documents anything you want: specs, drafts, SOPs, TUGs
    • Multiple drafts can be worked on at once


    • Comments are recorded as one discussion thread ensuring all related issues are documented together
    • Keep a historical index of comments and revisions inside a single online repository


    • Admins easily capture all relevant expertise from specific members to complete projects efficiently
    • Team members have seamless access to documents and discussions via shared files within the platform
    • Email to the entire group or create subgroups


    • Archive projects to reference at any future date
    • Easily view members’ previous project actions: discussions, ballots, comments
    • Export to CSV files

    Email and Notifications

    • Easily email all or anyone in your group
    • Centralized communication hub prevents messages from being missed or misplaced
    • No more searching your InBox for project related emails
    • Email activity is recorded in the History area for documentation purposes
    • Send email reminders to vote on drafts and final documents
    • Initiate discussions with emails to group members letting them know that a new document requires their review
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    • Admins set up automatic email alerts to prompt and remind staff for their input on ballots, comments, draft revisions
    • Personalize the timing of alerts for each project for admins to easily monitor progress
    • Tailor voting process to meet needs of your organization


    • Centralized, electronic balloting eliminates sorting and collecting paper and emailed ballots
    • No comments are lost
    • Run reports by group, user or ballot
    • Ensure all employees are heard


    • Extend ballot deadlines as needed
    • Option to change vote until the ballot closes

    Insert Links

    • Automatically create hyperlinks in your documents to all referenced ASTM standards
    • Vendors and contractors can easily find and purchase the specific ASTM standards you require by following hyperlinks
    • Eliminates questions and confusion regarding which standards contractors should be using
    • Links will take your staff directly to the standard within your ASTM Compass® subscription
    • Links will take non-Compass® subscribers to a purchasing page, speeding access and reducing administrative burdens
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    Administrative Resources

    Manage Groups

    • Keep employees accountable with a documented history of input and voting
    • Ability to clone groups when creating additional, separate projects
    • Ability to have multiple Admins
    • Eliminate manual composition of populating the “to” field for group emails

    Manage Ballots

    • Customize ballot when you’re ready for voting
    • Choose your own voting parameters
    • Automatically track ballot progress
    • Customize automatic email messages for different ballots
    • Extend voting deadline as necessary

    Manage Standards

    • Save time with everything in one place: all discussions, drafts, member lists of every group,
    • Comment time-stamping allows Admins to track progress
    • Option to require users to upload to Admin or upload independently
    • Archive approved documents for reference at a later date

    View Voting Reports

    • Track who voted, when, and if they left comment with vote


    • Secure platform ensures files are accessible only to registered users
    • History tool documents all activity in chronological order
    • Activity list identifies the name of person initiating the activity along with the date, time, and type of activity performed
    • Archiving enables you to store projects and restart them with all information retained
    • Due diligence is done for you by recording all activity
    • Centralized, electronic voting eliminates paper ballots and is recorded and displayed with name, date and action chosen