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Contact ASTM Today Why ASTM?

Need a better way to get your organization’s documents into the right hands but don’t know where to begin? Unleash the power of a robust document delivery service used by thousands of satisfied members and customers every day.

Your Content. Our Platform.

Whether you are a trade association, standards development organization, government agency, lab, or private business, your goal remains the same – to deliver optimal service to your stakeholders. This means providing immediate critical content like standards and technical documents to members and customers on a trusted platform.

Our experienced team of IT experts developed the dynamic ASTM Compass® platform to help our members and customers access thousands of standards and an extensive digital library in one place from anywhere at any time, with a user-friendly and convenient interface.

Now, ASTM is ready to bring this successful platform to your organization. If you are struggling with getting content into the right hands and managing the complicated process that can go along with it, a custom Compass platform is your solution.

Custom Compass Subscription Platforms

Our team of technical experts will work with you to create your very own subscription-based distribution platform, designing an interface that makes sense for your organization. You choose the content you want to include and we custom-build part of your current site to match your needs. We will incorporate your documents and ensure they match the branding and style of your related products, ensuring a smooth transition.

A custom Compass platform means your stakeholders can go directly to the source for important standards and documents without leaving your website. With a simple log-in, subscribers can get exactly what they need faster and easier than ever before.

Create a Company Webstore

No need to work with third-party distributors. Work with our team to create your own specialized company webstore, a public e-commerce site featuring only the content you choose. From design to downloads, we’ll customize a site and solution that meets your organization’s needs, keeping you in full control of your proprietary data.

And when your customers have questions, we are here to help. Count on full support, from inception to live ordering, with customer representatives only a phone call away.

Don’t let someone else control your content. Start delivering the optimal service your stakeholders and customers want and need. Contact us to begin developing your custom subscription portal and company web store today.

Contact ASTM today to get started.

Case Studies

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The American Petroleum Institute

See how the American Petroleum Institute has transformed the way they get their standards into user’s hands with the custom ASTM-developed portal, API Compass®.