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G04 Compatibility and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres
Title: POSTPONED 15th International Symposium on Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres
Dates: Thursday October 29 2020 - Friday October 30 2020
Location: (To Be Announced)

Pre-registration requested to attend this meeting.


Please note that this symposium has been postponed. We are hoping to reschedule this event for April 2021 in Toronto, ON, Canada, but we have not yet finalized the dates and venue. More information will be posted on this site as it becomes available.

The 15th International Symposium on Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres was rescheduled from April and will now be held Thursday and Friday, October 29 and 30, 2020. Sponsored by ASTM Committee G04 on Compatibility and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres, the symposium will be held at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld in Orlando, FL in conjunction with the October standards development meetings the committee.

The purpose of this symposium is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of topics related to fire hazards in oxygen and oxygen-enriched environments from a variety of industries and end-use applications.

Topics for this symposium may include but not limited to:

  • Oxygen compatibility testing and safe-use criteria for materials
  • Particle impact ignition studies of metals
  • Mechanical impact ignition of nonmetals
  • Adiabatic compression ignition of nonmetals
  • Contaminant-promoted ignition studies of metals and nonmetals
  • Modeling of ignition in metals and nonmetals
  • Metals flammability studies
  • Oxygen fire risk analysis and ignition probability analysis
  • Oxygen fire investigations in liquid and gaseous oxygen equipment
  • Oxygen cleaning studies and methods
  • Fire risks from aging oxygen pipelines and equipment

Who Should Attend?
This symposium should be attended by scientists, engineers, and any technical personnel responsible for selecting materials for oxygen systems or equipment, as well as those conducting research on the ignition and fire risk of materials used in oxygen or oxygen-enriched systems.

The language of the symposium will be English.


Due to the postponement of this event ASTM is currently in the process of issuing refunds for the registration and companion banquet fees. Please contact Symposia Operations at or +1 610-832-9698 if you do not receive your refund within 4 weeks.



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Additional information about the symposium is available from Symposium Chairman Ted Steinberg, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, email, tel: +61 7 3138 5102; or Co-Chair Chair Gwenael Chiffoleau, WHA International, Inc, Las Cruces, NM, USA, email, phone +1 575-523-5623.


Committee G04 invites you to attend their future standards development meetings. There is no fee to attend these meetings, and membership in ASTM International is not required. For more information about future G04 meetings, please visit G04 Future Meetings.