In light of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and our priority for the health and welfare of our members and staff, ASTM International has decided that it is inadvisable and impractical to hold the committee meetings in Prague on April 27-May 1. The decision was based on several factors, including, but not limited to:

    • Continued review of information and recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other governmental bodies.
    • Input from our members whose organizations are increasingly concerned with travel and the large gathering in Prague.
    • Watching the expanding trajectory of the coronavirus.

    Staff managers will be contacting committee leaders to plan alternatives for conducting committee business. For any committees that collected money for events, ASTM will work to issue refunds as necessary. Attendees are responsible for cancelling their own hotel reservations.

    Looking forward, we will rely on these and other relevant criteria and input points to assess the status of future scheduled ASTM meetings and events. Please consult our meeting webpage for the most up-to-date information. Thank you for your understanding and continued commitment to ASTM International.

    F42 Additive Manufacturing Technologies

    About the Event

    Following the success of the first edition of AM General Personnel Certificate course at Auburn University in March 2020, AM CoE is offering the second edition of the course through online mode. With more and more industrial sectors adopting additive manufacturing (AM) technology, there is a large demand for a skilled workforce to support the rapid growth of the field. As a leading driver of AM technology, ASTM is committed to filling the AM knowledge gap by providing world-class training from industry leaders to equip the future AM workforce with highly valued technical skills.

    About the course
    The second edition of the AM General Personnel Certificate Course is offered online to support the AM community to continue learning in these difficult times. The course comprises of 8 modules that covers all the general concepts of the AM process chain. To give flexibility to the attendees in taking the online classes, the course is scheduled such that two modules will be covered every week to complete the entire course in one month.

    This course will equip attendees with core technical knowledge related to common AM practices and will allow them to earn a General AM Certificate that will serve as the foundation and pre-requisite for earning future specialized role-based AM certificates through the ASTM AM CoE. Attendees will complete a multiple-choice exam upon course completion.

    Who should attend?
    You are welcome to join if you are just stepping into AM or if you have experience and are looking to advance your knowledge and stay relevant. The course is open to individuals from government agencies, industry, and academia with any level of AM experience, including those with no prior experience at all.

    Why Sign Up for This Course?

    • Gain core foundational technical knowledge covering the entire AM process chain
    • Stand out in the industry with ASTM E2659-18-compliant certificate from the globally recognized ASTM AM CoE
    • Chart your own path: This course is the first step toward multiple AM CoE role-based certificates

    EARN A DIGITAL BADGE after successful completion of this course. These badges are an innovative way to showcase career knowledge, skills, and abilities obtained through professional development. Add the badges to your digital portfolios or share on social and professional networks.

    Technical Program

    Please note: All course materials will be provided in hardcopy format and mailed to the attendees. In order to receive your materials in time for the course you must register no later than July 27th, 2020. We can not guarantee that your materials will arrive on time if you register after that date. Late registrants can expect to receive their materials 1-2 weeks after the course date.

    Electronic copies of the course materials WILL NOT be provided.

    Registration Information

    Online registration is now open. The fees to attend the course are listed below:

    Early registration by July 15th:

    • Non-Members: $1,100.00
    • ASTM Members: $999.00

    Regular registration after July 15th:

    • Non-Members: $1,300.00
    • ASTM Members: $1,199.00

    If you have questions concerning online registration, please contact AM CoE at Tel: 610-832-9677.

    Early Bird Regular Registration
    ASTM Member Fee1199.001199.00
    Non-Member Fee1300.001300.00

    Technical Chair Contact Information

    For more information please contact:

    Dr. Nima Shamsaei
    Auburn University

    Ms. Rachael Andrulonis
    WSU - NIAR

    Dr. Khalid Rafi
    ASTM International

    Dr. Mohsen Seifi
    ASTM International

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