Smart and Sustainable
    Manufacturing Systems

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    Call for Papers

    Papers are invited to be submitted to the ASTM International journal, Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems, edited by Dr. Sudarsan Rachuri, Advanced Manufacturing Office, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Department of Energy, Washington, DC, USA.

    Significant investment and a host of government initiatives are driving the global growth of smart manufacturing. In this new and growing field which is at the intersection of manufacturing science, information science and data science, the science behind the standard must be validated and explained. SSMS is the one journal that fills this gap. SSMS is a unique journal that provides a place for multi-disciplinary information on all the components critical to a complete picture of smart manufacturing. This includes sustainability and the systems required to advance smart manufacturing technology and applications. SSMS is the one journal where these diverse topics that support the development of smart manufacturing can be published for all stakeholders and technical communities that are impacted.

    The journal focuses on the impact of the research and industry relevance. Technical Notes on advances in industry RT&D are encouraged. Supplementary materials such as videos, code/data, etc. are welcome.

    This journal is a focal point for the ASTM community of scientists and engineers who publish the latest innovations in the areas of Smart Manufacturing. SSMS fills the gap as a cohesive source on all aspects of smart and sustainable manufacturing systems.


    • ASTM International’s reputation for high-quality publications
    • Diverse International Editorial Board
    • Rigorous Peer review
    • Quick turn-around time, published online as soon as it is approved and edited.
    • Indexed in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science) and Google Scholar
    • Free subscription for all papers published in the first years for greater visibility of your work.