G01 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.05Reapproval of G0034-2001(2007) Test Method for Exfoliation Corrosion Susceptibility in 2XXX and 7XXX Series Aluminum Alloys (EXCO Test) WK39750
    2.05Reapproval of G0046-1994(2005) Guide for Examination and Evaluation of Pitting Corrosion WK39745
    3.05Reapproval of G0060-2001(2007) Practice for Conducting Cyclic Humidity Exposures WK39751
    4.05Reapproval of G0066-1999(2005)E1 Test Method for Visual Assessment of Exfoliation Corrosion Susceptibility of 5XXX Series Aluminum Alloys (ASSET Test) WK39746
    5.05Reinstatement of G0067-2004 Test Method for Determining the Susceptibility to Intergranular Corrosion of 5XXX Series Aluminum Alloys by Mass Loss After Exposure to Nitric Acid (NAMLT Test) WK41201
    6.05Reapproval of G0087-2002(2007) Practice for Conducting Moist SO2 Tests WK39752
    7.05Reapproval of G0111-1997(2006) Guide for Corrosion Tests in High Temperature or High Pressure Environment, or Both WK39748
    8.05Reapproval of G0135-1995(2007) Guide for Computerized Exchange of Corrosion Data for Metals WK41301
    9.05Reapproval of G0146-2001(2007) Practice for Evaluation of Disbonding of Bimetallic Stainless Alloy/Steel Plate for Use in High-Pressure, High-Temperature Refinery Hydrogen Service WK41302
    10.05Reapproval of G0157-1998(2005) Guide for Evaluating Corrosion Properties of Wrought Iron- and Nickel-Based Corrosion Resistant Alloys for Chemical Process Industries WK39747
    11.05Reapproval of G0161-2000(2006) Guide for Corrosion-Related Failure Analysis WK39749
    12.05Revision Of G0209-2012A Practice for Detecting mu-phase in Wrought Nickel-Rich, Chromium, Molybdenum-Bearing Alloys WK40368
    13.05Practice For Operating the Severe Wastewater Analysis Testing Apparatus WK33537
    14.06Reapproval of G0036-1994(2006) Practice for Evaluating Stress-Corrosion-Cracking Resistance of Metals and Alloys in a Boiling Magnesium Chloride Solution WK39754
    15.06Reapproval of G0038-2001(2007) Practice for Making and Using C-Ring Stress-Corrosion Test Specimens WK39758
    16.06Reapproval of G0041-1990(2006) Practice for Determining Cracking Susceptibility of Metals Exposed Under Stress to a Hot Salt Environment WK39759
    17.06Reapproval of G0044-1999(2005) Practice for Exposure of Metals and Alloys by Alternate Immersion in Neutral 3.5 % Sodium Chloride Solution WK39753
    18.06Reapproval of G0064-1999(2005) Classification of Resistance to Stress-Corrosion Cracking of Heat-Treatable Aluminum Alloys WK40199
    19.06Reapproval of G0129-2000(2006) Practice for Slow Strain Rate Testing to Evaluate the Susceptibility of Metallic Materials to Environmentally Assisted Cracking WK39756
    20.06Reapproval of G0168-2000(2006) Practice for Making and Using Precracked Double Beam Stress Corrosion Specimens WK39757
    21.10Reapproval of G0097-1997(2007) Test Method for Laboratory Evaluation of Magnesium Sacrificial Anode Test Specimens for Underground Applications WK41337
    22.11Revision Of G0150-1999(2010) Test Method for Electrochemical Critical Pitting Temperature Testing of Stainless Steels WK39021
    23.14Reapproval of G0109-2007 Test Method for Determining Effects of Chemical Admixtures on Corrosion of Embedded Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Exposed to Chloride Environments WK41227
    24.14Revision With Title Change to G0180-2007 Test Method for Initial Screening of Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures for Steel in Concrete WK41336