F34 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.01Reapproval of F2511-2005E1 Specification for Rollers, Bearing, Needle, Ferrous, Solid WK41160
    2.02Action to Find John Graham's Negative Not Persuasive on F34 (12-01) Item 1, Reapproval of F2489 WK36927
    3.04Reapproval of F2246-2006E1 Specification for Bearing, Roller, Needle: Thick Outer Ring With Rollers and Cage WK41162
    4.04Reapproval of F2590-2006E1 Specification for Bearing, Roller, Thrust, Two Channeled Race Surface, Rigid or Flat Seat Type WK41163
    5.04Reapproval of F2591-2006 Specification for Bearing, Roller, Tapered, Single Row of Rollers (Metric Series) WK41164
    6.06Reapproval of F2332-2006 Specification for Annular Ball Bearings for Instruments and Precision Rotating Components WK41165
    7.91Reapproval of F2488-2005 Terminology for Rolling Element Bearings WK41161