F29 (13-04)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.10Withdraw With No Replacement to F1208-1989(2005) Specification for Minimum Performance and Safety Requirements for Anesthesia Breathing Systems WK43876
    2.10Withdraw With No Replacement to F1850-2000(2005) Specification for Particular Requirements for Anesthesia Workstations and Their Components
    3.10Administrative Item Adoption of American National Standard without Deviations ISO 80601-2-13 Medical electrical equipment Part 2-13: Particular requirments for basic safety and essential performance of an anaesthetic
    4.12Reapproval of F1218-1989(2007) Specification for Bronchoscopes (Rigid) WK43878
    5.12Withdraw With No Replacement to F2560-2006 Specification For SUPRALARYNGEAL AIRWAYS AND CONNECTORS WK43879
    6.12Administrative Item Adoption of American National Standard without Deviations ISO 11712 Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment-supralaryngeal airways and connectors
    7.14Withdraw With No Replacement to F1246-1991(2005) Specification for Electrically Powered Home Care Ventilators, Part 1--Positive-Pressure Ventilators and Ventilator Circuits WK43880
    8.14Withdraw With No Replacement to F1464-1993(2005) Specification for Oxygen Concentrators for Domiciliary Use WK43881