F26 (12-04)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.02Revision Of F1602-2007 Specification for Kettles, Steam-Jacketed, 20 to 200 gal (75.7 to 757 L), Floor or Wall Mounted, Direct Steam, Gas and Electric Heated WK34496
    2.02Revision Of F1603-2007 Specification for Kettles, Steam-Jacketed, 32 oz to 20 gal (1 to 75.7 L), Tilting, Table Mounted, Direct Steam, Gas and Electric Heated WK35131
    3.03Specification For Standard Specification For Commercial Coffee Maker, Electric, Automatic WK35033
    4.04Revision Of F0952-2008 Specification for Mixing Machines, Food, Electric WK38136
    5.04Revision Of F1126-2008 Specification for Food Cutters (Electric) WK38137
    6.04Revision Of F1568-2008 Specification for Food Processors, Electric WK38212
    7.04Revision Of F1966-2003(2008) Specification for Dough Divider and Rounding Machines WK38139
    8.06Revision Of F2324-2003(2009) Test Method for Prerinse Spray Valves WK25209