F25 (13-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.01Revision Of F1321-1992(2008) Guide for Conducting a Stability Test (Lightweight Survey and Inclining Experiment) to Determine the Light Ship Displacement and Centers of Gravity of a Vessel WK36343
    2.01Reapproval of F0940-1999(2009) Practice for Quality Control Receipt Inspection Procedures for Protective Coatings (Paint), Used in Marine Construction and Shipbuilding WK43110
    3.01Reapproval of F0941-1999(2009) Practice for Inspection of Marine Surface Preparation and Coating Application WK43111
    4.01Withdraw With No Replacement to F0991M-2012 Specification for Docking/Drain Plug and Boss Assemblies [Metric] WK42997
    5.02Revision Of F2168-2002(2008) Specification for Packing Material, Graphitic, Corrugated Ribbon or Textured Tape, and Die-Formed Ring WK42829
    6.02Revision Of F2191-2002(2008) Specification for Packing Material, Graphitic or Carbon Braided Yarn WK42831
    7.03Test Method For Mechanical Static Load Testing of Non-Structural Marine Joiner Bulkheads WK40420
    8.07Reapproval of F0906-1985(2007) Specification for Letters and Numerals for Ships WK43101
    9.07Reapproval of F1138-1998(2007) Specification for Spray Shields for Mechanical Joints WK43102
    10.07Reapproval of F1166-2007 Practice for Human Engineering Design for Marine Systems, Equipment, and Facilities, WK43103
    11.07Reapproval of F1179-1988(2007) Practice for Inspection Procedure for Use of Anaerobic Thread Locking Compounds with Studs WK43104
    12.07Reapproval of F1182-2007 Specification for Anodes, Sacrificial Zinc Alloy WK43105
    13.07Reapproval of F1270-1997(2007) Practice for Preparing and Locating Emergency Muster Lists WK43106
    14.07Reapproval of F1312-1990(2007) Specification for Brick, Insulating, High Temperature, Fire Clay WK43107
    15.07Reapproval of F1348/F1348M-1991(2007) Specification for Pneumatic Rotary Descaling Machines WK43108
    16.07Reapproval of F1808-2003(2008) Guide for Weight Control Technical Requirements for Surface Ships WK43109
    17.10Reapproval of F1836M-2009 Specification for Stuffing Tubes, Nylon, and Packing Assemblies (Metric) WK43097
    18.10Reapproval of F2044-2009 Specification for Liquid Level Indicating Equipment, Electrical WK43098
    19.10Reapproval of F2361-2003(2009) Guide for Ordering Low Voltage (1000 VAC or Less) Alternating Current Electric Motors for Shipboard Service--Up to and Including Motors of 500 Horsepower WK43099
    20.10Reapproval of F2362-2003(2009) Specification for Temperature Monitoring Equipment WK43100
    21.11Reapproval of F1005-1991(2007) Practice for HVAC Duct Shapes; Identification and Description of Design Configuration WK41781
    22.11Reapproval of F1007-1986(2007) Specification for Pipeline Expansion Joints of the Packed Slip Type for Marine Application WK41782
    23.11Reapproval of F1273-1991(2007) Specification for Tank Vent Flame Arresters WK41783
    24.11Reapproval of F1333-1991(2007) Specification for Construction of Fire and Foam Station Cabinets WK41784
    25.11Reapproval of F1338-1991(2007) Guide for Main Propulsion Medium Speed Marine Diesel Engines Covering Performance and Minimum Scope of Assembly WK41785
    26.11Reapproval of F1476-2007 Specification for Performance of Gasketed Mechanical Couplings for Use in Piping Applications WK41786
    27.11Reapproval of F1510-2007 Specification for Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps, Ships Use WK41787
    28.11Revision Of F1511-2011 Specification for Mechanical Seals for Shipboard Pump Applications WK41400