F20 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.11Reapproval of F1523-1994(2007) Guide for Selection of Booms in Accordance With Water Body Classifications WK40344
    2.13New Standard (Formerly F1693-1996(2003)) Guide for Consideration of Bioremediation as an Oil Spill Response Method on Land WK39762
    3.13Revision Of F2532-2006 Guide for Determining Net Environmental Benefit of Dispersant Use WK39760
    4.13Reapproval of F1413-2007 Guide for Oil Spill Dispersant Application Equipment: Boom and Nozzle Systems WK40345
    5.13Reapproval of F1460-2007 Practice for Calibrating Oil Spill Dispersant Application Equipment Boom and Nozzle Systems WK40346
    6.13Reapproval of F2205-2007 Guide for Ecological Considerations for the Use of Chemical Dispersants in Oil Spill Response: Tropical Environments WK40347
    7.15Reapproval of F1990-2007 Guide for In-Situ Burning of Spilled Oil: Ignition Devices WK40348
    8.15Reapproval of F2152-2007 Guide for In-Situ Burning of Spilled Oil: Fire-Resistant Boom WK40349
    9.15Reapproval of F2533-2007 Guide for In-Situ Burning of Oil in Ships or Other Vessels WK40350
    10.16Revision Of F2067-2007 Practice for Development and Use of Oil-Spill Trajectory Models WK39761
    11.21Reapproval of F1011-2007 Guide for Developing a Hazardous Materials Training Curriculum for Initial Response Personnel WK40351
    12.22Reapproval of F1127-2007 Guide for Containment of Hazardous Material Spills by Emergency Response Personnel WK40352
    13.22Reapproval of F1524-1995(2007) Guide for Use of Advanced Oxidation Process for the Mitigation of Chemical Spills WK40353
    14.24Reapproval of F1600-1995A(2007) Terminology Relating to Bioremediation WK40354