F11 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.21Revision Of F0608-2011 Test Method for Evaluation of Carpet Embedded Dirt Removal Effectiveness of Household/Commercial Vacuum Cleaners WK39692
    2.21Revision Of F0655-2011 Specification for Test Carpets and Pads for Vacuum Cleaner Testing WK39741
    3.22Reapproval of F0431-2004(2008) Specification for Air Performance Measurement Plenum Chamber for Vacuum Cleaners WK39740
    4.22Revision Of F0558-2011 Test Method for Measuring Air Performance Characteristics of Vacuum Cleaners WK40700
    5.22Test Method For Evaluating the Sustained Air Performance and Exhaust Emission Efficiencies of Central Vacuum Cleaning Units WK14392
    6.23Revision Of F0430-2011 Specification for Paper Used for Vacuum Cleaner Filter Bags WK39742
    7.30Revision Of F0450-2009 Test Methods for Vacuum Cleaner Hose--Durability and Reliability (Plastic) WK37632
    8.Administrative Item Changes to Sections 4 and 6