F06 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.20Revision Of F0373-2006 Test Method for Embossed Depth of Resilient Floor Coverings WK40869
    2.30Revision Of F0925-2002(2008) Test Method for Resistance to Chemicals of Resilient Flooring WK40870
    3.30Reapproval of F1265-2003A(2008) Test Method for Resistance to Impact for Resilient Floor Tile WK41036
    4.30Reapproval of F1514-2003(2008) Test Method for Measuring Heat Stability of Resilient Flooring by Color Change WK41037
    5.40Revision Of F1516-2008 Practice for Sealing Seams of Resilient Flooring Products by the Heat Weld Method (when Recommended) WK40816
    6.40Revision Of F2471-2008 Practice for Installation of Thick Poured Lightweight Cellular Concrete Underlayments and Preparation of the Surface to Receive Resilient Flooring WK40797
    7.80Specification For Polyolefin Composition Floor Tile WK36731
    8.80Revision Of F2982-2012 Specification for Polyester Composition Floor Tile WK40766
    9.80Specification For Cork Floor Tile WK10811
    10.80Revision Of F1700-2004(2010) Specification for Solid Vinyl Floor Tile WK38866
    11.80Revision Of F1700-2004(2010) Specification for Solid Vinyl Floor Tile WK38866
    12.40Revision Of F2420-2005(2011) Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity on the Surface of Concrete Floor Slabs Using Relative Humidity Probe Measurement and Insulated Hood WK40341
    13.40Practice For two-component resin based Membrane-Forming Moisture Mitigation Sytems for Use under Resilient Floor Coverings WK39090