F05 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.01Reapproval of F1623-1996(2008) Terminology Relating to Thermal Imaging Products WK40565
    2.04Reapproval of F1351-1996(2008) Practice for Determination of the Effect of Hard Creasing Paper on Images Produced by Business Imaging Systems WK39561
    3.04Reapproval of F1434-1997(2008) Practice for Estimating the Performance of a Fuser Oil in an Electrostatic Copier or Printer WK39562
    4.04Reapproval of F2632-2007 Practice for Determining the Toner Usage for Color Printer Cartridges WK39560
    5.06Reapproval of F0767-1998(2008) Test Method for Image Stability of Chemical Carbonless Paper to Light WK39564
    6.06Reapproval of F1405-2008 Test Method for Determining the Dynamic Thermal Response of Direct Thermal Imaging Products--Atlantek Method WK39565
    7.04Reapproval of F1486-1996(2008) Practice for Determination of Abrasion and Smudge Resistance of Images Produced from Office Products (GA-CAT Method) WK39563