F04 (13-06)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.12Specification For Wrought Titanium-3Aluminum-2.5Vandium Alloy for Surgical Implant Applications (UNS R56320) WK34079
    2.12Revision Of F0601-2003(2008) Practice for Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection of Metallic Surgical Implants WK42918
    3.15Test Method For Conducting and Evaluating Galvanic Corrosion for Medical Implants WK19883
    4.16Withdraw With No Replacement to E1397-1991(2008) Practice for In Vitro Rat Hepatocyte DNA Repair Assay WK43145
    5.16Withdraw With No Replacement to E1398-1991(2008) Practice for In Vivo Rat Hepatocyte DNA Repair Assay WK43146
    6.16Revision Of F0756-2008 Practice for Assessment of Hemolytic Properties of Materials WK43147
    7.16Revision Of F1904-1998(2008) Practice for Testing the Biological Responses to Particles in vivo WK42946
    8.16Revision Of F1983-1999(2008) Practice for Assessment of Compatibility of Absorbable/Resorbable Biomaterials for Implant Applications WK43150
    9.16Reapproval of F1984-1999(2008) Practice for Testing for Whole Complement Activation in Serum by Solid Materials WK43144
    10.22Guide For Assessment of Hard on Hard Articulation Total Hip Replacement WK24686
    11.22Guide To Optimize Scan Sequences for Clinical Diagnostic Evaluation of Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasty Devices using Magnetic Resonance Imaging WK34551
    12.22Guide For High Demand Hip Simulator Wear Testing of Hard of Hard Articulations WK34813
    13.22Revision Of F2028-2008(2012)E1 Test Methods for Dynamic Evaluation of Glenoid Loosening or Disassociation WK39872
    14.22Revision Of F2582-2008 Test Method for Impingement of Acetabular Prostheses WK39136
    15.22Reapproval of F2724-2008 Test Method for Evaluating Mobile Bearing Knee Dislocation WK43452
    16.25Action to Find Johan vanderBrink's negative Not Persuasive on F04(13-01), Item 028, Revision of F1717 WK35256
    17.25Revision Of F1798-1997(2008) Guide for Evaluating the Static and Fatigue Properties of Interconnection Mechanisms and Subassemblies Used in Spinal Arthrodesis Implants WK43458
    18.34Action to find Xin Fu's negative Not Persuasive on F04.34 (01-12), Item 1, Revision to F1828 WK39138
    19.39Guide For Clinical Trial Design for Hip Replacement Systems (HRS) WK41469
    20.42Reapproval of F2027-2008 Guide for Characterization and Testing of Raw or Starting Biomaterials for Tissue-Engineered Medical Products WK42945
    21.43Practice For quantification of the calcium deposits in osteogenic culture of progenitor cells using fluorescent image analysis WK37594
    23.46Action to find John Jarrell's Negative Not Persuasive on F04(13-02), Item 001, WK17626 WK17626