F02 (14-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.10Revision Of F1307-2002(2007) Test Method for Oxygen Transmission Rate Through Dry Packages Using a Coulometric Sensor WK38810
    2.10Revision Of F1927-2007 Test Method for Determination of Oxygen Gas Transmission Rate, Permeability and Permeance at Controlled Relative Humidity Through Barrier Materials Using a Coulometric Detector WK38811
    3.15Reapproval with Editorial Changes to F0874-1998(2008) Test Method for Temperature Measurement and Profiling for Microwave Susceptors WK44793
    4.15Reapproval of F1308-1998(2008) Test Method for Quantitating Volatile Extractables in Microwave Susceptors Used for Food Products WK44794
    5.15Reapproval of F1349-2008 Test Method for Nonvolatile Ultraviolet (UV) Absorbing Extractables from Microwave Susceptors WK44795
    6.15Reapproval of F1416-1996(2008) Guide for Selection of Time-Temperature Indicators WK44796
    7.15Reapproval of F1500-1998(2008) Test Method for Quantitating Non-UV-Absorbing Nonvolatile Extractables from Microwave Susceptors Utilizing Solvents as Food Simulants WK44797
    8.15Reapproval with Editorial Changes to F1519-1998(2008) Test Method for Qualitative Analysis of Volatile Extractables in Microwave Susceptors Used to Heat Food Products WK44804
    9.50Revision Of F2097-2010 Guide for Design and Evaluation of Primary Flexible Packaging for Medical Products WK43444