F01 (12-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.07Revision Of F0458-2006 Practice for Nondestructive Pull Testing of Wire Bonds WK39500
    2.07Revision Of F0459-2006 Test Methods for Measuring Pull Strength of Microelectronic Wire Bonds WK39499
    3.07Revision Of F0487-1988(2006) Specification for Fine Aluminum-1a??% Silicon Wire for Semiconductor Lead-Bonding WK39501
    4.07Revision Of F1269-2006 Test Methods for Destructive Shear Testing of Ball Bonds WK39502
    5.18Revision Of F2865-2011 Guide for Classifying the Degrees of Ingression Protection Provided by a Membrane Switch WK34527