E41 (12-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.01Reapproval of E0123-2002(2007) Specification for Apparatus for Determination of Water by Distillation WK38815
    2.01Reapproval of E0237-2002(2007) Specification for Laboratory Glass Microvolumetric Vessels (Volumetric Flasks and Centrifuge Tubes) WK37205
    3.01Reapproval of E0287-2002(2007) Specification for Laboratory Glass Graduated Burets WK37204
    4.01Reapproval of E0542-2001(2007) Practice for Calibration of Laboratory Volumetric Apparatus WK38816
    5.01Reapproval of E0675-2002(2007) Specification for Interchangeable Taper-Ground Stopcocks And Stoppers WK37203
    6.01Reapproval of E0676-2002(2007) Specification for Interchangeable Taper-Ground Joints WK37202
    7.01Reapproval of E0969-2002(2007) Specification for Glass Volumetric (Transfer) Pipets WK37201
    8.01Reapproval of E1093-1991(2005) Specification for Glass Prothrombin Pipet, Disposable WK37200
    9.01Reapproval of E1272-2002(2007) Specification for Laboratory Glass Graduated Cylinders WK37207
    10.01Reapproval of E1293-2002(2007) Specification for Glass Measuring Pipets WK37206