E35 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.12Revision Of E1517-1999(2006) Test Method for Determining the Effectiveness of Liquid, Gel, Cream, or Shampoo Insecticides Against Human Louse Ova WK36310
    2.15Revision With Title Change to E0645-2007 Test Method for Efficacy of Microbicides Used in Cooling Water Systems WK35381
    3.15Revision With Title Change to E0723-2007 Test Method for Efficacy of Antimicrobials as Preservatives for Aqueous-Based Products Used in the Paper Industry (Bacterial Spoilage) WK35382
    4.15Reapproval of E1054-2008 Test Methods for Evaluation of Inactivators of Antimicrobial Agents WK39791
    5.15Reapproval of E1766-1995(2007) Test Method for Determination of Effectiveness of Sterilization Processes for Reusable Medical Devices WK40511
    6.15Reapproval of E1837-1996(2007) Test Method to Determine Efficacy of Disinfection Processes for Reusable Medical Devices (Simulated Use Test) WK40512
    7.15Revision Of E1839-2007 Test Method for Efficacy of Slimicides for the Paper Industry--Bacterial and Fungal Slime WK35383
    8.15Revision Of E2011-2009 Test Method for Evaluation of Hygienic Handwash and Handrub Formulations for Virus-Eliminating Activity Using the Entire Hand WK36921
    9.15Revision Of E2149-2010 Test Method for Determining the Antimicrobial Activity of Immobilized Antimicrobial Agents Under Dynamic Contact Conditions WK35164
    10.15Reapproval of E2314-2003(2008) Test Method for Determination of Effectiveness of Cleaning Processes for Reusable Medical Instruments Using a Microbiologic Method (Simulated Use Test) WK40513
    11.15Revision Of E2361-2004(2007) Guide for Testing Leave-On Products Using In-Situ Methods WK40514
    12.15Revision Of E2647-2008 Test Method for Quantification of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Grown Using a Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor with Low Shear and Continuous Flow WK40326
    13.15Test Method For Evaluating the Relative Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Handwashing Formulations using the Palmar Surface and Mechanical Hand Sampling WK30533
    14.15Guide For Standard Test Methods and Practices for Evaluating Antibacterial Activity on Textiles. WK31901
    15.22Terminology Relating To Biorationals WK32362
    16.22Terminology Relating To Biorationals WK32362
    17.22Terminology Relating To Biorationals WK32362