E31 (14-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.25Reapproval of E1239-2004(2010) Practice for Description of Reservation/Registration-Admission, Discharge, Transfer (R-ADT) Systems for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems WK44825
    2.25Reapproval of E1340-2005(2010) Guide for Rapid Prototyping of Information Systems WK44826
    3.25Reapproval of E1744-2004(2010) Practice for View of Emergency Medical Care in the Electronic Health Record WK44827
    4.25Reapproval of E1869-2004(2010) Guide for Confidentiality, Privacy, Access, and Data Security Principles for Health Information Including Electronic Health Records WK44828
    5.25Reapproval of E2017-1999(2010) Guide for Amendments to Health Information WK44829
    6.25Withdraw With No Replacement to E2211-2002(2010) Specification for Relationship Between a Person (Consumer) and a Supplier of an Electronic Personal (Consumer) Health Record WK44830
    7.25Reapproval of E2212-2002A(2010) Practice for Healthcare Certificate Policy WK44831
    8.25Reapproval of E2436-2005(2010) Specification for the Representation of Human Characteristics Data in Healthcare Information Systems WK44832