E20 (20-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.02Revision Of E2847-2014 Test Method for Calibration and Accuracy Verification of Wideband Infrared Thermometers WK63819
    2.03Revision Of E0879-2012 Specification for Thermistor Sensors for General Purpose and Laboratory Temperature Measurements WK33213
    3.03Reapproval of E1137/E1137M-2008(2014) Specification for Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometers WK72021
    4.03Revision Of E2821-2013 Specification for Compacted Mineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed Cable Used in Industrial Resistance Thermometers WK66394
    5.05Reapproval of E0001-2014 Specification for ASTM Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers WK71679
    6.05Reapproval of E2995-2015A Specification for ASTM Thermohydrometers with Integral Low-Hazard Thermometers WK71680