E17 (13-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.21Reapproval of E0445/E0445M-1988(2008) Test Method for Stopping Distance on Paved Surfaces Using a Passenger Vehicle Equipped With Full-Scale Tires WK42088
    2.23Revision Of E0965-1996(2006) Test Method for Measuring Pavement Macrotexture Depth Using a Volumetric Technique WK35206
    3.31Reapproval of E2133-2003(2009) Test Method for Using a Rolling Inclinometer to Measure Longitudinal and Transverse Profiles of a Traveled Surface WK43524
    4.33Specification For Simulating Profilograph Response to Longitudinal Profiles of Traveled Surfaces WK26262
    5.33Reapproval of E1489-2008 Practice for Computing Ride Number of Roads from Longitudinal Profile Measurements Made by an Inertial Profile Measuring Device WK41990