E12 (20-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.02Reapproval of E1347-2006(2015) Test Method for Color and Color-Difference Measurement by Tristimulus Colorimetry WK72220
    2.04Revision Of E0313-2015E1 Practice for Calculating Yellowness and Whiteness Indices from Instrumentally Measured Color Coordinates WK72026
    3.04Revision Of E1708-2019 Practice for Electronic Interchange of Color and Appearance Data WK71330
    4.04Revision Of E2214-2019 Practice for Specifying and Verifying the Performance of Color-Measuring Instruments WK71915
    5.10Reapproval of E0811-2009(2015) Practice for Measuring Colorimetric Characteristics of Retroreflectors Under Nighttime Conditions WK72204