E10 (13-03)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.02Revision Of E0509-2003(2008) Guide for In-Service Annealing of Light-Water Moderated Nuclear Reactor Vessels WK38162
    2.02Revision Of E0636-2010 Guide for Conducting Supplemental Surveillance Tests for Nuclear Power Reactor Vessels, E 706 (IH) WK40959
    3.05Reapproval of E0854-2003(2009) Test Method for Application and Analysis of Solid State Track Recorder (SSTR) Monitors for Reactor Surveillance, E706(IIIB) WK41673
    4.05Guide For Monitoring the Neutron Exposure of LWR Reactor Pressure Vessels WK38032
    5.07Revision Of E0496-2009 Test Method for Measuring Neutron Fluence and Average Energy from 3H(d,n) 4He Neutron Generators by Radioactivation Techniques WK42470
    6.07Revision Of E0666-2009 Practice for Calculating Absorbed Dose From Gamma or X Radiation WK40962