D34 (14-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.0101Revision Of D4687-1995(2006) Guide for General Planning of Waste Sampling WK39512
    2.0104Reapproval of D4874-1995(2006) Test Method for Leaching Solid Material in a Column Apparatus WK43905
    3.0103Reapproval of D5358-1993(2009) Practice for Sampling with a Dipper or Pond Sampler WK43897
    4.0106Withdraw With No Replacement to D5368-2013 Test Methods for Gravimetric Determination of Total Solvent Extractable Content (TSEC) of Solid Waste Samples WK45087
    5.0106Revision Of D5829-1996(2007) Guide for Preparing a Training Program for Environmental Analytical Laboratories WK44606
    6.0106Revision Of D5830-1995(2006) Test Method for Solvents Analysis in Hazardous Waste Using Gas Chromatography WK45426
    7.0106Reapproval of D5839-1996(2006) Test Method for Trace Element Analysis of Hazardous Waste Fuel by Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry WK45125
    8.0101Reapproval of D5956-1996(2006) Guide for Sampling Strategies for Heterogeneous Wastes WK45447
    9.0101Reapproval of D6051-1996(2006) Guide for Composite Sampling and Field Subsampling for Environmental Waste Management Activities WK45428
    10.0101Reapproval of D6311-1998(2009) Guide for Generation of Environmental Data Related to Waste Management Activities: Selection and Optimization of Sampling Design WK43896
    11.0101Revision Of D6956-2011 Guide for Demonstrating and Assessing Whether a Chemical Analytical Measurement System Provides Analytical Results Consistent with Their Intended Use WK35778
    12.02Revision Of D5659-1995(2006) Test Method for Chlorophenoxy Acid Herbicides in Waste Using HPLC WK44587
    13.03Withdraw With No Replacement to D5050-2008 Guide for Commercial Use of Lime Kiln Dusts and Portland Cement Kiln Dusts WK45083
    14.03Withdraw With No Replacement to D5120-1990(2009) Test Method for Inhibition of Respiration in Microbial Cultures in the Activated Sludge Process WK45084
    15.03Revision Of D5370-2006(2013) Specification for Pozzolanic Blended Materials in Construction Applications WK45427
    16.03Withdraw With No Replacement to D5660-1996(2009) Test Method for Assessing the Microbial Detoxification of Chemically Contaminated Water and Soil Using a Toxicity Test with a Luminescent Marine Bacterium WK45085
    17.03Reapproval of E0889-1982(2009) Test Method for Composition or Purity of a Solid Waste Materials Stream WK43903
    18.03Withdraw With No Replacement to E0929-1983(2009) Test Method for Measuring Electrical Energy Requirements of Processing Equipment WK45086