D31 (14-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.03Revision Of D2099-2005(2010)E1 Test Method for Dynamic Water Resistance of Shoe Upper Leather by the Maeser Water Penetration Tester WK45446
    2.03Revision Of D2322-2010 Test Method for Resistance of Shoe Upper Leather to Artificial Perspiration WK45445
    3.03Revision Of D6015-2010 Test Method for Static Water Absorption of Leather WK45444
    4.02Revision Of D6656-2001(2010)E1 Test Method for Determination of Chromic Oxide in Wet Blue (Perchloric Acid Oxidation) WK45466
    5.02Revision Of D6657-2008 Test Method for pH of Wet Blue WK45467
    6.02Revision Of D7674-2010 Test Method for Hexane/Petroleum Ether Extract in Wet Blue and Wet White WK45468