D31 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.01Revision Of D6075-2000(2010) Test Method for Cracking Resistance of Leather WK41286
    2.02Revision With Title Change to D6715-2008 Practice for Sampling and Preparation of Salt Preserved (Cured) Hides and Skins for Chemical and Physical Tests WK36469
    3.03Revision Of D2346-2000(2012) Test Method for Apparent Density of Leather WK41280
    4.05Revision Of D2208-2000(2010) Test Method for Breaking Strength of Leather by the Grab Method WK41282
    5.03Revision Of D2941-2000(2012) Test Method for Measuring Break Pattern of Leather (Break Scale) WK41283
    6.06Revision Of D2810-2007 Test Method for pH of Leather WK41281
    7.07Revision Of D1813-2000(2010) Test Method for Measuring Thickness of Leather Test Specimens WK41279
    8.07Revision Of D4704-2012 Test Method for Tearing Strength, Tongue Tear of Leather WK41284
    9.07Revision Of D4705-2012 Test Method for Stitch Tear Strength of Leather, Double Hole WK41285
    10.02Reapproval of D4576-2008 Test Method for Mold Growth Resistance of Wet Blue WK41290
    11.02Reapproval of D6657-2008 Test Method for pH of Wet Blue WK41292
    12.02Reapproval of D6658-2008 Test Method for Volatile Matter (Moisture) of Wet Blue by Oven Drying WK41293
    13.02Reapproval of D6716-2008 Test Method for Total Ash in Wet Blue or Wet White WK41295
    14.02Reapproval of D7476-2008 Test Method for Brine Saturation Value of Cured (Salt-Preserved) Hides and Skins WK41296
    15.02Reapproval of D7477-2008 Test Method for Determining the Area Stability of Wet Blue Submersed in Boiling Water WK41297
    16.07Reapproval of D1610-2001(2007) Practice for Conditioning Leather and Leather Products for Testing WK41288
    17.07Reapproval of D2813-2003(2008) Practice for Sampling Leather for Physical and Chemical Tests WK41289
    18.07Reapproval of D6076-2008 Test Method for Shrinkage Temperature of Leather WK41291