D21 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.02Revision Of D1986-1991(2012) Test Method for Determining the Apparent Viscosity of Polyethylene Wax WK42949
    2.02Revision Of D3642-1998(2010) Test Method for Softening Point of Certain Alkali-Soluble Resins WK42950
    3.04Revision Of D3836-1994(2007) Practice for Evaluation of Automotive Polish WK42304
    4.04Revision Of D6625-2001(2007) Practice for Conducting a Test of Protective Properties of Polish Applied to a Painted Panel Using Fluorescent UV-Condensation Light- and Water-Exposure Apparatus WK42306
    5.05Revision Of D3440-2001(2007) Guide for Preparing Specifications for Water-Emulsion Floor Polishes WK41276