D20 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.09Revision Of D6289-2008 Test Method for Measuring Shrinkage from Mold Dimensions of Molded Thermosetting Plastics WK40027
    2.15Revision Of D1693-2012 Test Method for Environmental Stress-Cracking of Ethylene Plastics WK40029
    3.15Reapproval with Editorial Changes to D1998-2006 Specification for Polyethylene Upright Storage Tanks WK40495
    4.15Revision Of D3012-2007 Test Method for Thermal-Oxidative Stability of Polypropylene Using a Specimen Rotator Within an Oven WK40028
    5.15Revision Of D4101-2011 Specification for Polypropylene Injection and Extrusion Materials WK35190
    6.15Revision Of D6261-2010 Specification for Extruded and Compression Molded Basic Shapes Made from Thermoplastic Polyester (TPES) WK39589
    7.19Revision Of D1004-2009 Test Method for Tear Resistance (Graves Tear) of Plastic Film and Sheeting WK40030
    8.19Revision Of D6988-2008 Guide for Determination of Thickness of Plastic Film Test Specimens WK39773
    9.20Revision Of D6108-2009 Test Method for Compressive Properties of Plastic Lumber and Shapes WK35867
    10.20Revision Of D6109-2010 Test Methods for Flexural Properties of Unreinforced and Reinforced Plastic Lumber and Related Products WK35868
    11.20Revision Of D6111-2009 Test Method for Bulk Density And Specific Gravity of Plastic Lumber and Shapes by Displacement WK35869
    12.20Revision Of D6111-2009 Test Method for Bulk Density And Specific Gravity of Plastic Lumber and Shapes by Displacement WK39629
    13.20Revision Of D6112-2010 Test Methods for Compressive and Flexural Creep and Creep-Rupture of Plastic Lumber and Shapes WK35870
    14.20Revision Of D6117-2010 Test Methods for Mechanical Fasteners in Plastic Lumber and Shapes WK35871
    15.20Revision Of D6341-2010 Test Method for Determination of the Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Plastic Lumber and Plastic Lumber Shapes Between -30 and 140F (-34.4 and 60C) WK35872
    16.20Revision Of D6662-2009 Specification for Polyolefin-Based Plastic Lumber Decking Boards WK35873
    17.20Revision Of D7568-2012 Specification for Polyethylene-Based Structural-Grade Plastic Lumber for Outdoor Applications WK39628
    18.22Reapproval with Editorial Changes to D4669-2007 Test Method for Polyurethane Raw Materials: Determination of Specific Gravity of Polyols WK38965
    19.22Revision Of D4890-2006 Test Methods for Polyurethane Raw Materials: Determination of Gardner and APHA Color of Polyols WK30468
    20.24Specification For Color and Appearance Retention of Solid and Variegated Color Plastic Siding Products using CIELab Color Space WK38024
    21.30Revision Of D0746-2007 Test Method for Brittleness Temperature of Plastics and Elastomers by Impact WK33784
    22.30Revision Of D1238-2010 Test Method for Melt Flow Rates of Thermoplastics by Extrusion Plastometer WK34212
    23.30Revision Of D1929-2012 Test Method for Determining Ignition Temperature of Plastics WK38022
    24.40Revision Of D1003-2011E1 Test Method for Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastics WK39711
    25.40Revision Of D2457-2008E1 Test Method for Specular Gloss of Plastic Films and Solid Plastics WK35265
    26.50Revision Of D0618-2008 Practice for Conditioning Plastics for Testing WK40002
    27.50Revision Of D1435-2005 Practice for Outdoor Weathering of Plastics WK31499
    28.50Revision Of D1499-2005 Practice for Filtered Open-Flame Carbon-Arc Exposures of Plastics WK30978
    29.50Revision With Title Change to D4329-2005 Practice for Fluorescent UV Exposure of Plastics WK31124
    30.50Revision Of D4364-2005 Practice for Performing Outdoor Accelerated Weathering Tests of Plastics Using Concentrated Sunlight WK30974
    31.70Reapproval of D2857-1995(2007) Practice for Dilute Solution Viscosity of Polymers WK40111
    32.70Reapproval of D3594-1993(2006) Test Method for Copolymerized Ethyl Acrylate In Ethylene-Ethyl Acrylate Copolymers WK40109
    33.70Revision Of D5227-2001(2008)E1 Test Method for Measurement of Hexane Extractable Content of Polyolefins WK38313
    34.70Reapproval of D5576-2000(2006) Practice for Determination of Structural Features in Polyolefins and Polyolefin Copolymers by Infrared Spectrophotometry (FT-IR) WK40110
    35.70Reapproval with Editorial Changes to D5630-2006 Test Method for Ash Content in Plastics WK40164
    36.70Revision Of D7132-2005 Test Method for Determination of Retained Blowing Agent in Extruded Polystyrene Foam WK35285
    37.70Revision Of D7210-2006 Practice for Extraction of Additives in Polyolefin Plastics WK39650
    38.70Test Method For Determination of Low Level, Regulated Phthalates in Poly (Vinyl Chloride) Plastics by Thermal Desorption - Gas Chromatography/Mass Chromatography WK25759
    39.94Revision Of D4000-2012 Classification System for Specifying Plastic Materials WK38589
    40.95Action To find negative from Peter L Samaras on item 044 of the D20 (12-04) MCLB not persuasive WK32195
    41.95Action To find negative from John C Kwok on item 044 of the D20 (12-04) MCLB not persuasive WK32195
    42.95Action To find negative from Robert J Duff on item 044 of the D20 (12-04) MCLB not persuasive WK32195
    43.95Action To find negative from Allison M Sikes on item 044 of the D20 (12-04) MCLB not persuasive WK32195
    44.95Action To find negative from W Flores on item 044 of the D20 (12-04) MCLB not persuasive WK32195
    45.95Action To find negative from Barbara Miller on item 044 of the D20 (12-04) MCLB not persuasive WK32195
    46.96Reapproval of D5071-2006 Practice for Exposure of Photodegradable Plastics in a Xenon Arc Apparatus WK40035
    47.96Reapproval of D5272-2008 Practice for Outdoor Exposure Testing of Photodegradable Plastics WK40034
    48.96Revision Of D6400-2012 Specification for Labeling of Plastics Designed to be Aerobically Composted in Municipal or Industrial Facilities WK40324
    49.96Revision With Title Change to D6691-2009 Test Method for Determining Aerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials in the Marine Environment by a Defined Microbial Consortium or Natural Sea Water Inoculum WK40538
    50.96New Standard (Formerly D7026-2004) Guide for Sampling and Reporting of Results for Determination of Biobased Content of Materials via Carbon Isotope Analysis WK40540
    51.96Revision Of D7081-2005 Specification for Non-Floating Biodegradable Plastics in the Marine Environment WK40539
    52.96Test Method For Disintegration of Compostable Substrates in for use in Industrial/Commercial Aerobic Composting Facilities. WK34454