D19 (20-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.Administrative Ballot to Revise the D19 Bylaws
    2.02Reapproval of D1129-2013 Terminology Relating to Water WK71332
    3.03Revision With Title Change to D0933-1984(2012) Practice for Reporting Results of Examination and Analysis of Water-Formed Deposits WK57470
    4.02Reapproval of D5847-2002(2012) Practice for Writing Quality Control Specifications for Standard Test Methods for Water Analysis WK71336
    5.03Revision Of D5462-2013 Test Method for On-Line Measurement of Low-Level Dissolved Oxygen in Water WK71567
    6.04Revision Of D4107-2008(2013) Test Method for Tritium in Drinking Water WK62111
    7.04Revision Of D4785-2008(2013)E1 Test Method for Low-Level Analysis of Iodine Radioisotopes in Water WK62098
    8.04Revision Of D5811-2008(2013) Test Method for Strontium-90 in Water WK68830
    9.04Revision Of D7902-2018 Terminology for Radiochemical Analyses WK68961
    10.05Revision Of D1976-2019 Test Method for Elements in Water by Inductively-Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy WK70260
    11.05Test Method for Hardness in Water WK57556
    12.05Practices for Standard Practice for Estimating pH to verify status of laboratory samples WK65181
    13.06Revision Of D7284-2013(2017) Test Method for Total Cyanide in Water by Micro Distillation followed by Flow Injection Analysis with Gas Diffusion Separation and Amperometric Detection WK68990
    14.08Reinstatement Of D5090-2007 Practice for Standardizing Ultrafiltration Permeate Flow Performance Data WK71754
    15.08Reinstatement Of D5615-2007E1 Test Method for Operating Characteristics of Home Reverse Osmosis Devices WK71755
    16.24Revision Of D0932-2015 Practice for Filamentous Iron Bacteria in Water and Water-Formed Deposits WK70675
    17.24Revision Of D3731-1987(2012) Practices for Measurement of Chlorophyll Content of Algae in Surface Waters WK69455
    18.24Withdraw With No Replacement to D4132-1982(2012) Practice for Sampling Phytoplankton with Conical Tow Nets WK71469
    19.24Withdraw With No Replacement to D4133-1982(2012) Practice for Sampling Phytoplankton with Pumps WK71470
    20.24Withdraw With No Replacement to D4134-1982(2012) Practice for Sampling Phytoplankton with a Clarke-Bumpus Plankton Sampler WK72076
    21.24Withdraw With No Replacement to D4135-1982(2012) Practice for Sampling Phytoplankton With Depth-Integrating Samplers WK71472
    22.24Withdraw With No Replacement to D4136-1982(2012) Practice for Sampling Phytoplankton with Water-Sampling Bottles WK72078
    23.24Withdraw With No Replacement to D4137-1982(2012) Practice for Preserving Phytoplankton Samples WK71474
    24.24Withdraw With No Replacement to D4148-1982(2012) Test Method for Analysis of Phytoplankton in Surface Water by the Sedgwick-Rafter Method WK71475
    25.24Withdraw With No Replacement to D4149-1982(2012) Classification for Sampling Phytoplankton in Surface Waters WK71476
    26.24Withdraw With No Replacement to D4211-1982(2012) Classification for Fish Sampling WK71477