D19 (13-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.03Revision Of D0807-2005(2009) Practice for Assessing the Tendency of Industrial Boiler Waters to Cause Embrittlement (USBM Embrittlement Detector Method) WK42374
    2.03Revision Of D1125-1995(2009) Test Methods for Electrical Conductivity and Resistivity of Water WK42460
    3.03Revision Of D1498-2008 Test Method for Oxidation-Reduction Potential of Water WK40510
    4.03Revision Of D3483-2005(2009) Test Methods for Accumulated Deposition in a Steam Generator Tube WK42379
    5.03Revision Of D4517-2004(2009) Test Method for Low-Level Total Silica in High-Purity Water by Flameless Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy WK42380
    6.03Revision Of D5128-2009 Test Method for On-Line pH Measurement of Water of Low Conductivity WK42800
    7.03Revision With Title Change to D5173-1997(2007) Test Method for On-Line Monitoring of Carbon Compounds in Water by Chemical Oxidation, by UV Light Oxidation, by Both, or by High Temperature Combustion Followed by Gas Phase NDIR or by Electrolytic Conductivity WK36051
    8.03Revision Of D5256-2005(2009) Test Method for Relative Efficacy of Dynamic Solvent Systems for Dissolving Water-Formed Deposits WK42381
    9.03Revision Of D5391-1999(2009) Test Method for Electrical Conductivity and Resistivity of a Flowing High Purity Water Sample WK42648
    10.03Revision Of D5543-2009 Test Method for Low-Level Dissolved Oxygen in Water WK43393
    11.03Revision Of D6569-2005(2009) Test Method for On-Line Measurement of pH WK42650
    12.03Revision Of D6698-2012 Test Method for On-Line Measurement of Turbidity Below 5 NTU in Water WK42402
    13.04Revision Of D3648-2004(2011) Practices for the Measurement of Radioactivity WK29217
    14.04Terminology For Radiochemical Analyses WK35988
    15.05Revision Of D1253-2008 Test Method for Residual Chlorine in Water WK38382
    16.05Revision Of D1426-2008 Test Methods for Ammonia Nitrogen In Water WK38383
    17.05Revision Of D1886-2008 Test Methods for Nickel in Water WK42239
    18.05Revision Of D2972-2008 Test Methods for Arsenic in Water WK42240
    19.05Revision Of D3352-2008A Test Method for Strontium Ion in Brackish Water, Seawater, and Brines WK38385
    20.05Revision Of D3558-2008 Test Methods for Cobalt in Water WK42241
    21.05Revision Of D3559-2008 Test Methods for Lead in Water WK42242
    22.05Revision Of D3645-2008 Test Methods for Beryllium in Water WK42243
    23.05Revision Of D3859-2008 Test Methods for Selenium in Water WK42245
    24.05Revision Of D3875-2008 Test Method for Alkalinity in Brackish Water, Seawater, and Brines WK38386
    25.05Revision Of D3919-2008 Practice for Measuring Trace Elements in Water by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry WK41143
    26.05Revision Of D4130-2008 Test Method for Sulfate Ion in Brackish Water, Seawater, and Brines WK38388
    27.05Revision Of D4190-2008 Test Method for Elements in Water by Direct-Current Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy WK41144
    28.05Revision Of D4191-2008 Test Method for Sodium in Water by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry WK41146
    29.05Revision Of D4192-2008 Test Method for Potassium in Water by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry WK41147
    30.05Test Methods For Nitrite-Nitrate in Water by Nitrate Reductase WK27289
    31.06Revision Of D6696-2010 Guide for Understanding Cyanide Species WK33766
    32.06Revision Of D7365-2009A Practice for Sampling, Preservation and Mitigating Interferences in Water Samples for Analysis of Cyanide WK42423
    33.06Revision Of D7645-2010E1 Test Method for Determination of Aldicarb, Aldicarb Sulfone, Aldicarb Sulfoxide, Carbofuran, Methomyl, Oxamyl and Thiofanox in Water by Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) WK40692
    34.07Reapproval of D3858-1995(2008) Test Method for Open-Channel Flow Measurement of Water by Velocity-Area Method WK42520
    35.07Reapproval of D3975-1993(2008) Practice for Development and Use (Preparation) of Samples for Collaborative Testing of Methods for Analysis of Sediments WK42521
    36.07Reapproval of D4409-1995(2008) Test Method for Velocity Measurements of Water in Open Channels with Rotating Element Current Meters WK42522
    37.07Reapproval of D4411-2003(2008) Guide for Sampling Fluvial Sediment in Motion WK42523
    38.07Reapproval of D4822-1988(2008) Guide for Selection of Methods of Particle Size Analysis of Fluvial Sediments (Manual Methods) WK42524
    39.07Reapproval of D4823-1995(2008) Guide for Core Sampling Submerged, Unconsolidated Sediments WK42525
    40.07Reapproval of D5074-1990(2008) Practice for Preparation of Natural-Matrix Sediment Reference Samples for Major and Trace Inorganic Constituents Analysis by Partial Extraction Procedures WK42526
    41.07Reapproval of D5089-1995(2008) Test Method for Velocity Measurements of Water in Open Channels with Electromagnetic Current Meters WK42527
    42.07Reapproval of D5129-1995(2008) Test Method for Open Channel Flow Measurement of Water Indirectly by Using Width Contractions WK42528
    43.07Reapproval of D5130-1995(2008) Test Method for Open-Channel Flow Measurement of Water Indirectly by Slope-Area Method WK42529
    44.07Reapproval of D5541-1994(2008) Practice for Developing a Stage-Discharge Relation for Open Channel Flow WK42530
    45.07Reapproval of D5613-1994(2008) Test Method for Open-Channel Measurement of Time of Travel Using Dye Tracers WK42531
    46.07Reapproval of D5614-1994(2008) Test Method for Open Channel Flow Measurement of Water with Broad-Crested Weirs WK42532
    47.07Reapproval of D5640-1995(2008) Guide for Selection of Weirs and Flumes for Open-Channel Flow Measurement of Water WK42533
    48.07Reapproval of D5674-1995(2008) Guide for Operation of a Gaging Station WK42534
    49.07Reapproval of D6318-2003(2008) Practice for Calibrating a Fathometer Using a Bar Check Method WK42535
    50.07Reapproval of D6326-2008 Practice for The Selection of Maximum Transit-Rate Ratios and Depths for the U.S. Series of Isokinetic Suspended-Sediment Samplers WK42536
    51.08Reapproval of D3923-2008 Practices for Detecting Leaks in Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Devices WK42169
    52.08Reapproval of D4194-2003(2008) Test Methods for Operating Characteristics of Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Devices WK42170
    53.08Reapproval of D4195-2008 Guide for Water Analysis for Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Application WK42171
    54.08Reapproval of D4472-2008 Guide for Recordkeeping for Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Systems WK42173
    55.08Reapproval of D4993-2008 Practice for Calculation and Adjustment of Silica (SiO2) Scaling for Reverse Osmosis WK42172
    56.08Reapproval of D4189-2007 Test Method for Silt Density Index (SDI) of Water WK42347
    57.08Test Method For The Capacity of Ion Exchange oxygen Removal Cartridge WK39806
    58.24Revision With Title Change to D0932-1985(2009) Test Method for Iron Bacteria in Water and Water-Formed Deposits WK43703
    59.24Reapproval of D4131-1984(2005) Practice for Sampling Fish with Rotenone WK43020
    60.24Reapproval of D4455-1985(2009) Test Method for Enumeration of Aquatic Bacteria by Epifluorescence Microscopy Counting Procedure WK42782
    61.24Reapproval of D4994-1989(2009) Practice for Recovery of Viruses from Wastewater Sludges WK42783
    62.24Revision Of D5246-2013 Test Method for Isolation and Enumeration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Water WK43271
    63.24Revision Of D5259-1992(2012) Test Method for Isolation and Enumeration of Enterococci from Water by the Membrane Filter Procedure WK43705
    64.24Revision Of D5392-1993(2006) Test Method for Isolation and Enumeration ofEscherichia Coli in Water by the Two-Step Membrane Filter Procedure WK42082
    65.24Revision Of D6503-1999(2009) Test Method for Enterococci in Water Using Enterolert WK43019