D19 (12-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.02Reapproval of D1141-1998(2008) Practice for the Preparation of Substitute Ocean Water WK39273
    2.02Revision Of D2777-2012 Practice for Determination of Precision and Bias of Applicable Test Methods of Committee D19 on Water WK39301
    3.02Reapproval of D4841-1988(2008) Practice for Estimation of Holding Time for Water Samples Containing Organic and Inorganic Constituents WK39274
    4.02Revision Of D5127-2012 Guide for Ultra-Pure Water Used in the Electronics and Semiconductor Industries WK39302
    5.02Reapproval of D5612-1994(2008) Guide for Quality Planning and Field Implementation of a Water Quality Measurement Program WK39275
    6.02Reapproval of D5905-1998(2008) Practice for the Preparation of Substitute Wastewater WK39276
    7.02Reapproval of D6362-1998(2008) Practice for Certificates of Reference Materials for Water Analysis WK39277
    8.02Reapproval of D7366-2008 Practice for Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty for Data from Regression-based Methods WK39278
    9.03Revision Of D0887-2008 Practices for Sampling Water-Formed Deposits WK37867
    10.03Revision Of D0934-2008 Practices for Identification of Crystalline Compounds in Water-Formed Deposits By X-Ray Diffraction WK37868
    11.03Reapproval with Editorial Changes to D1385-2007 Test Method for Hydrazine in Water WK37926
    12.03Revision Of D2035-2008 Practice for Coagulation-Flocculation Jar Test of Water WK37955
    13.03Reapproval of D2331-2008 Practices for Preparation and Preliminary Testing of Water-Formed Deposits WK37869
    14.03Revision Of D2332-2008 Practice for Analysis of Water-Formed Deposits by Wavelength-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence WK37870
    15.03Revision Of D2791-2007 Test Method for On-line Determination of Sodium in Water WK35141
    16.03Revision With Title Change to D4188-2008 Practice for Performing Pressure In-Line Coagulation-Flocculation-Filtration Test WK37957
    17.03Revision Of D6071-2006 Test Method for Low Level Sodium in High Purity Water by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy WK37954
    18.04Reapproval of D2460-2007 Test Method for Alpha-Particle-Emitting Isotopes of Radium in Water WK37512
    19.04Reapproval of D5174-2007 Test Method for Trace Uranium in Water by Pulsed-Laser Phosphorimetry WK37445
    20.05Revision Of D1253-2008 Test Method for Residual Chlorine in Water WK38382
    21.05Revision Of D1426-2008 Test Methods for Ammonia Nitrogen In Water WK38383
    22.05Revision Of D1429-2008 Test Methods for Specific Gravity of Water and Brine WK38384
    23.05Revision Of D3352-2008A Test Method for Strontium Ion in Brackish Water, Seawater, and Brines WK38385
    24.05Revision Of D3875-2008 Test Method for Alkalinity in Brackish Water, Seawater, and Brines WK38386
    25.05Revision Of D4025-2008A Practice for Reporting Results of Examination and Analysis of Deposits Formed from Water for Subsurface Injection WK38387
    26.05Revision Of D4328-2008 Practice for Calculation of Supersaturation of Barium Sulfate, Strontium Sulfate, and Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (Gypsum) in Brackish Water, Seawater, and Brines WK38389
    27.05Revision Of D4130-2008 Test Method for Sulfate Ion in Brackish Water, Seawater, and Brines WK38388
    28.05Revision Of D4520-2003(2008) Practice for Determining Water Injectivity Through the Use of On-Site Floods WK38390
    29.05Revision Of D5463-2008 Guide for Use of Test Kits to Measure Inorganic Constituents in Water WK38391
    30.05Revision Of D6850-2003(2008) Guide for QC of Screening Methods in Water WK38392
    31.06Reapproval of D3325-1990(2006) Practice for Preservation of Waterborne Oil Samples WK38955
    32.06Reapproval of D3328-2006 Test Methods for Comparison of Waterborne Petroleum Oils by Gas Chromatography WK38956
    33.06Reapproval of D3695-1995(2007) Test Method for Volatile Alcohols in Water by Direct Aqueous-Injection Gas Chromatography WK38958
    34.06Withdraw With No Replacement to D3921-1996(2011) Test Method for Oil and Grease and Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Water WK38980
    35.06Withdraw With No Replacement to D4374-2006 Test Methods for Cyanides in Water--Automated Methods for Total Cyanide, Weak Acid Dissociable Cyanide, and Thiocyanate WK38981
    36.06Reapproval of D5739-2006 Practice for Oil Spill Source Identification by Gas Chromatography and Positive Ion Electron Impact Low Resolution Mass Spectrometry WK38957
    37.06Reapproval of D7065-2011 Test Method for Determination of Nonylphenol, Bisphenol A, p-tert -Octylphenol, Nonylphenol Monoethoxylate and Nonylphenol Diethoxylate in Environmental Waters by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry WK38959
    38.06Revision Of D7363-2011 Test Method for Determination of Parent and Alkyl Polycyclic Aromatics in Sediment Pore Water Using Solid-Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry in Selected Ion Monitoring Mode WK39110
    39.07Reapproval of D1941-1991(2007) Test Method for Open Channel Flow Measurement of Water with the Parshall Flume WK38327
    40.07Reapproval of D3977-1997(2007) Test Methods for Determining Sediment Concentration in Water Samples WK38328
    41.07Withdraw With No Replacement to D4581-1986(2005) Guide for Measurement of Morphologic Characteristics of Surface Water Bodies WK38326
    42.07Reapproval of D4698-1992(2007) Practice for Total Digestion of Sediment Samples for Chemical Analysis of Various Metals WK38329
    43.07Reapproval of D5073-2002(2007) Practice for Depth Measurement of Surface Water WK38330
    44.07Reapproval of D5242-1992(2007) Test Method for Open-Channel Flow Measurement of Water with Thin-Plate Weirs WK38331
    45.07Reapproval of D5243-1992(2007) Test Method for Open-Channel Flow Measurement of Water Indirectly at Culverts WK38332
    46.07Reapproval of D5258-2002(2007) Practice for Acid-Extraction of Elements from Sediments Using Closed Vessel Microwave Heating WK38333
    47.07Reapproval of D5387-1993(2007) Guide for Elements of a Complete Data Set for Non-Cohesive Sediments WK38334
    48.07Reapproval of D5388-1993(2007) Test Method for Indirect Measurements of Discharge by Step-Backwater Method WK38335
    49.07Reapproval of D5389-1993(2007) Test Method for Open-Channel Flow Measurement by Acoustic Velocity Meter Systems WK38336
    50.07Reapproval of D5390-1993(2007) Test Method for Open-Channel Flow Measurement of Water with Palmer-Bowlus Flumes WK38337
    51.07Reapproval of D5413-1993(2007) Test Methods for Measurement of Water Levels in Open-Water Bodies WK38338
    52.07Reapproval of D5906-2002(2007) Guide for Measuring Horizontal Positioning During Measurements of Surface Water Depths WK38339
    53.07Reapproval of D6764-2002(2007) Guide for Collection of Water Temperature, Dissolved-Oxygen Concentrations, Specific Electrical Conductance, and pH Data from Open Channels WK38340
    54.07Reapproval of F0660-1983(2007) Practice for Comparing Particle Size in the Use of Alternative Types of Particle Counters WK38341
    55.24Revision Of D5246-1992(2004) Test Method for Isolation and Enumeration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Water WK39460