D18 (14-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.01Revision Of D7458-2008 Test Method for Determination of Beryllium in Soil, Rock, Sediment, and Fly Ash Using Ammonium Bifluoride Extraction and Fluorescence Detection WK44108
    2.03Test Method For Particle-Size Distribution (Gradation) of Fine-Grained Soils Using the Sedimentation (Hydrometer) Analysis WK11776
    3.03Test Method For Particle Size Anaylsis For Soils Combining The Sieve and Sedimentation Techniques WK38106
    4.03Revision With Title Change to D0421-1985(2007) Practice for Dry Preparation of Soil Samples for Particle-Size Analysis and Determination of Soil Constants WK41796
    5.03Revision Of D0854-2010 Test Methods for Specific Gravity of Soil Solids by Water Pycnometer WK40774
    6.06Revision Of D4373-2002(2007) Test Method for Rapid Determination of Carbonate Content of Soils WK33602
    7.07Revision Of D3282-2009 Practice for Classification of Soils and Soil-Aggregate Mixtures for Highway Construction Purposes WK42489
    8.07Revision Of D4452-2006 Practice for X-Ray Radiography of Soil Samples WK36203
    9.12Revision Of D7012-2014 Test Methods for Compressive Strength and Elastic Moduli of Intact Rock Core Specimens under Varying States of Stress and Temperatures WK35611
    10.17Revision Of D4992-2007 Practice for Evaluation of Rock to be Used for Erosion Control WK41381
    11.2104Guide For Selection of Passive Techniques for Sampling Groundwater Monitoring Wells WK24706
    12.21Revision Of D5787-1995(2009) Practice for Monitoring Well Protection WK43927
    13.21Reinstatement of D6282-1998(2005) Guide for Direct Push Soil Sampling for Environmental Site Characterizations WK44758
    14.21Reinstatement of D5472-1993(2005) Test Method for Determining Specific Capacity and Estimating Transmissivity at the Control Well WK45358
    15.21Reinstatement of D5920-1996(2005) Test Method (Analytical Procedure) for Tests of Anisotropic Unconfined Aquifers by Neuman Method WK45357
    16.24Revision Of D6128-2006 Test Method for Shear Testing of Bulk Solids Using the Jenike Shear Cell WK40265
    17.24Revision Of D6393-2008 Test Method for Bulk Solids Characterization by Carr Indices WK41538
    18.24Revision Of D6683-2008 Test Method for Measuring Bulk Density Values of Powders and Other Bulk Solids as Function of Compressive Stress WK41536
    19.24Revision Of D6773-2008 Test Method for Bulk Solids Using Schulze Ring Shear Tester WK41537
    20.25Revision Of D6459-2011 Test Method for Determination of Rolled Erosion Control Product (RECP) Performance in Protecting Hillslopes from Rainfall-Induced Erosion WK37651
    21.25Reapproval of D6449-1999(2008) Test Method for Flow of Fine Aggregate Concrete for Fabric Formed Concrete (Flow Cone Method) WK44864
    22.25Reapproval of D6599-2000(2008) Practice for Construction of Live Fascines on Slopes WK44953
    23.25Reapproval of D6685-2001(2008) Guide for the Selection of Test Methods for Fabrics Used for Fabric Formed Concrete (FFC) WK44865
    24.25Reapproval of D6711-2001(2008) Practice for Specifying Rock to Fill Gabions, Revet Mattresses, and Gabion Mattresses WK44952
    25.95Reinstatement of D6027-1996(2004) Practice for Calibrating Linear Displacement Transducers for Geotechnical Purposes WK41205