D14 (13-03)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.10Practice For Evaluating Adhesive and the Effects of Plasticizer Found Within Polyvinylchloride - Backed Floor Coverings WK41627
    2.10Reapproval of D0899-2000(2007) Practice for Applied Weight Per Unit Area of Liquid Adhesive WK42012
    3.10Reapproval of D1146-2000(2007) Test Method for Blocking Point of Potentially Adhesive Layers WK42014
    4.10Reapproval of D1875-2003(2008)E1 Test Method for Density of Adhesives in Fluid Form WK42015
    5.10Reapproval of D4339-2001(2007) Test Method for Determination of the Odor of Adhesives WK42013
    6.30Reapproval of D0905-2008E1 Test Method for Strength Properties of Adhesive Bonds in Shear by Compression Loading WK43033
    7.30Reapproval of D1579-2001(2008) Test Method for Filler Content of Phenol, Resorcinol, and Melamine Adhesives WK42988
    8.30Reapproval of D1583-2001(2008) Test Method for Hydrogen Ion Concentration of Dry Adhesive Films WK42990
    9.30Reapproval of D3535-2007A Test Method for Resistance to Creep Under Static Loading for Structural Wood Laminating Adhesives Used Under Exterior Exposure Conditions WK42989
    10.30Reapproval of D4300-2001(2008) Test Methods for Ability of Adhesive Films to Support or Resist the Growth of Fungi WK42991
    11.30Reapproval of D4688-1999(2005) Test Method for Evaluating Structural Adhesives for Finger Jointing Lumber WK42985
    12.30Reapproval of D4783-2001(2008) Test Methods for Resistance of Adhesive Preparations in Container to Attack by Bacteria, Yeast, and Fungi WK42992
    13.80Reapproval of D1151-2000(2006) Practice for Effect of Moisture and Temperature on Adhesive Bonds WK42512