D13 (13-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.17Test Method For Determining Flax Fiber Widths Using Image Analysis WK34018
    2.54Reapproval of D2061-2007 Test Methods for Strength Tests for Zippers WK42444
    3.55Reapproval of D4910-2008 Tables of Body Measurements for Children, Infant Sizes--Preemie to 24 Months WK42431
    4.58Revision Of D4849-2002B(2007)E2 Terminology Related to Yarns and Fibers WK40873
    5.61Reinstatement of D7022-2004E1 WK41591
    6.63Reapproval of D3597-2002(2009) Performance Specification for Woven Upholstery Fabrics--Plain, Tufted, or Flocked WK42819
    7.63Reapproval of D4037-2002(2008) Performance Specification for Woven, Knitted, or Flocked Bedspread Fabrics WK42822
    8.63Reapproval of D4113-2002(2008) Performance Specification for Woven Slipcover Fabrics WK42823
    9.63Reapproval of D4720-2008 Performance Specification for Soft Window Covering Fabrics for Household Use WK42821
    10.63Reapproval of D5431-2008 Performance Specification for Woven and Knitted Sheeting Products for Institutional and Household Use WK42820
    11.63Reapproval of D6663-2008 Specification for Woven and Knitted Comforter and Accessory Products for Institutional and Household Use WK42824