D12 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.16Revision Of D7225-2006 Guide for Blood Cleaning Efficiency of Detergents and Washer-Disinfectors WK33135
    2.16Withdraw With No Replacement to D1280-2000(2007) Guide for Total Immersion Corrosion Test for Soak Tank Metal Cleaners WK39358
    3.25Withdraw With No Replacement to D2960-2005 Guide for Controlled Laundering Test Using Naturally Soiled Fabrics and Household Appliances WK40318
    4.25Revision Of D5548-2005E2 Guide for Evaluating Color Transfer or Color Loss of Dyed Fabrics in Laundering (Not Suitable for Detergent or Washing Machine Rankings) WK40884