D11 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.08Revision Of D5538-2007 Practice for Thermoplastic Elastomers--Terminology and Abbreviations WK39014
    2.11Revision Of D0297-1993(2006) Test Methods for Rubber Products--Chemical Analysis WK40126
    3.14Reapproval of D2632-2001(2008) Test Method for Rubber Property--Resilience by Vertical Rebound WK39932
    4.15Revision Of D0925-2006E2 Test Methods for Rubber Property--Staining of Surfaces (Contact, Migration, and Diffusion) WK40038
    5.37Reapproval of D3771-2003(2007) Specification for Rubber Seals Used in Concentrating Solar Collectors WK39804
    6.37Reapproval of D3903-2003(2007) Specification for Rubber Seals Used in Air-Heat Transport of Solar Energy Systems WK39805
    7.40Revision Of D6976-2008 Specification for Rubber Contraceptives--Vaginal Diaphragms WK40286
    8.40Reapproval of D7103-2006E1 Guide for Assessment of Medical Gloves WK40058