D10 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.12Revision Of D6573/D6573M-2001(2007) Specification for General Purpose Wirebound Shipping Boxes WK38635
    2.12Revision Of D6254/D6254M-2007 Specification for Wirebound Pallet-Type Wood Boxes WK38634
    3.25Revision Of D3953-2012 Specification for Strapping, Flat Steel and Seals WK37484
    4.32Revision Of D3475-2012 Classification of Child-Resistant Packages WK39667
    5.32Test Method For Torque Retention for Packages with CT Closures Using Automated Torque Instruments WK30859
    6.33Reapproval of D3060-1994(2005) Test Method for Pressure Drop Rate of Compressed Gas-Propelled Products WK40089
    7.33Reapproval of D3061-1997(2008) Guide for Three-Piece Steel and Tinplate Straight-Wall and Necked-In Aerosol Cans WK40090
    8.33Reapproval of D3064-1997(2008) Terminology Relating To Aerosol Products WK40091
    9.33Reapproval of D3065-2001(2006) Test Methods for Flammability of Aerosol Products WK40092
    10.33Reapproval of D3069-1994(2005) Test Method for Delivery Rate of Aerosol Products WK40093