D04 (12-07)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.20Test Method For Determining the Susceptibility of Bitumious Mixtures to Relective Cracking using the Overlay Tester WK26816
    2.20Withdraw With No Replacement to D1561-1992(2005)E1 Practice for Preparation of Bituminous Mixture Test Specimens by Means of California Kneading Compactor WK38536
    3.21Withdraw With No Replacement to D1188-2007E1 Test Method for Bulk Specific Gravity and Density of Compacted Bituminous Mixtures Using Coated Samples WK39234
    4.27Revision With Title Change to D7196-2006 Test Method for Raveling Test of Cold Mixed Bituminous Emulsion Samples WK38419
    5.32Revision With Change in Designation for D4580-2003(2012) Practice for Measuring Delaminations in Concrete Bridge Decks by Sounding WK38371
    6.32Revision With Change in Designation for D6153-1997(2007) Specification for Materials for Bridge Deck Waterproofing Membrane Systems WK38372
    7.33Withdraw With No Replacement to D3406-1995(2006) Specification for Joint Sealant, Hot-Applied, Elastomeric-Type, for Portland Cement Concrete Pavements WK39237
    8.33Withdraw With No Replacement to D7116-2005 Specification for Joint Sealants, Hot Applied, Jet Fuel Resistant Types, for Portland Cement Concrete Pavements WK39238
    9.38Revision Of D4505-2005 Specification for Preformed Retroreflective Pavement Marking Tape for Extended Service Life WK30346
    10.38Revision Of D4592-2005 Specification for Preformed Retroreflective Pavement Marking Tape for Limited Service Life WK30349
    11.40Revision Of D3381/D3381M-2009A Specification for Viscosity-Graded Asphalt Cement for Use in Pavement Construction WK20693
    12.41Revision Of D0977-2012A Specification for Emulsified Asphalt WK39066
    13.42Revision Of D6999-2004 Practice for Miscibility of Emulsified Asphalts WK34919
    14.42Revision Of D7226-2011 Test Method for Determining the Viscosity of Emulsified Asphalts Using a Rotational Paddle Viscometer WK36323
    15.44Revision Of D0139-2007 Test Method for Float Test for Bituminous Materials WK34485
    16.44Revision Of D5801-1995(2006)E1 Test Method for Toughness and Tenacity of Bituminous Materials WK35543
    17.47Reapproval of D3143-2008 Test Method for Flash Point of Cutback Asphalt with Tag Open-Cup Apparatus WK38705
    18.47Revision Of D3279-2007 Test Method for n-Heptane Insolubles WK35350
    19.47Revision Of D6608-2000(2006) Practice for the Identification of Trinidad Lake Asphalt in Asphalt Mixes WK35476
    20.47Revision Of D6703-2007 Test Method for Automated Heithaus Titrimetry WK34851
    21.50Revision Of D0448-2008 Classification for Sizes of Aggregate for Road and Bridge Construction WK38113
    22.51Reapproval of D4792-2000(2006) Test Method for Potential Expansion of Aggregates from Hydration Reactions WK38854
    23.51Reapproval of D7172-2006E1 Test Method for Determining The Relative Density (Specific Gravity) And Absorption Of Fine Aggregates Using Infrared WK38858