D03 (12-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.05Reapproval of D1072-2006 Test Method for Total Sulfur in Fuel Gases by Combustion and Barium Chloride Titration WK38071
    2.05Reapproval of D1142-1995(2006) Test Method for Water Vapor Content of Gaseous Fuels by Measurement of Dew-Point Temperature WK38072
    3.05Reapproval of D4084-2007 Test Method for Analysis of Hydrogen Sulfide in Gaseous Fuels (Lead Acetate Reaction Rate Method) WK38073
    4.05New Standard (Formerly D6350-1998(2003)) Test Method for Mercury Sampling and Analysis in Natural Gas by Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy WK38918
    5.05Test Method For the Determination of Elemental Sulfur in Natural Gas WK24472
    6.07Test Method For Determination of Hydrocarbons and Nonhydrocarbon Gases in Gaseous Mixtures by Gas Chromatography WK33788
    7.08Revision Of D3956-2007 Specification for Methane Thermophysical Property Tables WK38373
    8.08Revision Of D7265-2006 Specification for Hydrogen Thermophysical Property Tables WK31242
    9.14Revision Of D7675-2011 Test Method for Test Method for the Determination of Total Hydrocarbons in Hydrogen by FID Based Total Hydrocarbon (THC) Analyzer WK37092
    10.14Test Method For Estimation of Organic Halides Contained in Hydrogen and other Gaseous Fuels WK23815