D01 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.21Reapproval of D1310-2001(2007) Test Method for Flash Point and Fire Point of Liquids by Tag Open-Cup Apparatus WK41505
    2.21Reapproval of D3934-1990(2007) Test Method for Flash/No Flash Test--Equilibrium Method by a Closed-Cup Apparatus WK41506
    3.21Reapproval of D3941-1990(2007) Test Method for Flash Point by the Equilibrium Method With a Closed-Cup Apparatus WK41507
    4.21Reapproval of D4140-2007 Guide for Determining Volatile and Nonvolatile Content of Driers, Drying Oils, Naval Stores, and Solvents WK41508
    5.21Reapproval of D4206-1996(2007) Test Method for Sustained Burning of Liquid Mixtures Using the Small Scale Open-Cup Apparatus WK41509
    6.21Reapproval of D4209-2007 Practice for Determining Volatile and Nonvolatile Content of Cellulosics, Emulsions, Resin Solutions, Shellac, and Varnishes WK41510
    7.21Reapproval of D7358-2007 Test Method for Water Content of Paints by Quantitative Calcium Hydride Reaction Test Kit WK41511
    8.23Revision Of D1653-2003(2008) Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Organic Coating Films WK29046
    9.23Revision Of D5895-2003(2008) Test Methods for Evaluating Drying or Curing During Film Formation of Organic Coatings Using Mechanical Recorders WK40434
    10.23Revision Of D6037-1996(2008) Test Methods for Dry Abrasion Mar Resistance of High Gloss Coatings WK33690
    11.23Revision With Title Change to D6132-2008 Test Method for Nondestructive Measurement of Dry Film Thickness of Applied Organic Coatings Using an Ultrasonic Gage WK37382
    12.23Reapproval of D7334-2008 Practice for Surface Wettability of Coatings, Substrates and Pigments by Advancing Contact Angle Measurement WK41391
    13.24Reapproval of D7540-2009 Practice for Dispersion of Chromatic Pigments with a Mechanical Muller WK41253
    14.24Test Methods For Measurement of Rotational Viscosity of Paints, Inks or Related Liquid Materials as a Function of Temperature WK33642
    15.24Test Methods For Measurement of Yield Stress of Paints, Inks and Related Liquid Materials WK36133
    16.27Practice For Xenon Arc Exposure Test with Enhanced Light and Water Exposure for Transportation Coatings WK39045
    17.27Revision Of D0822-2001(2006) Practice for Filtered Open-Flame Carbon-Arc Exposures of Paint and Related Coatings WK36224
    18.27Revision Of D1006-2001(2006) Practice for Conducting Exterior Exposure Tests of Paints on Wood WK30836
    19.27Revision Of D3361-2001(2006) Practice for Unfiltered Open-Flame Carbon-Arc Exposures of Paint and Related Coatings WK36225
    20.27Revision Of D4585-2007 Practice for Testing Water Resistance of Coatings Using Controlled Condensation WK39979
    21.27Revision Of D5031-2001(2006) Practice for Enclosed Carbon-Arc Exposure Tests of Paint and Related Coatings WK36226
    22.27Revision Of D7356-2007 Test Method for Accelerated Acid Etch Weathering of Automotive Clearcoats Using a Xenon-Arc Exposure Device WK39978
    23.27Reapproval of D2248-2001A(2007) Practice for Detergent Resistance of Organic Finishes WK41513
    24.27Reapproval of D2485-1991(2007) Test Methods for Evaluating Coatings For High Temperature Service WK41514
    25.28Reapproval of D3274-2009E1 Test Method for Evaluating Degree of Surface Disfigurement of Paint Films by Fungal or Algal Growth, or Soil and Dirt Accumulation WK41175
    26.28Reapproval of D4610-1998(2009) Guide for Determining the Presence of and Removing Microbial (Fungal or Algal) Growth on Paint and Related Coatings WK41176
    27.28Reapproval of D5589-2009 Test Method for Determining the Resistance of Paint Films and Related Coatings to Algal Defacement WK41177
    28.31Revision Of D0476-2000(2011) Classification for Dry Pigmentary Titanium Dioxide Products WK40496
    29.33Reapproval of D2074-2007 Test Methods for Total, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Amine Values of Fatty Amines by Alternative Indicator Method WK41515
    30.34Revision Of D0233-2012 Test Methods of Sampling and Testing Turpentine WK40875
    31.34Revision Of D0889-1999(2009) Test Method for Volatile Oil in Rosin WK40879
    32.34Revision Of D1982-1985(2009) Test Method for Titer of Fatty Acids WK40877
    33.34Revision Of D6267-2008 Test Method for Apparent Viscosity of Hydrocarbon Resins at Elevated Temperatures WK40880
    34.34Reapproval of D0801-2002(2009) Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Dipentene WK40881
    35.34Reapproval of D0802-2002(2009) Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Pine Oils WK40882
    36.34Reapproval of D6604-2000(2009)E1 Practice for Glass Transition Temperatures of Hydrocarbon Resins by Differential Scanning Calorimetry WK40878
    37.35Revision Of D1133-2010 Test Method for Kauri-Butanol Value of Hydrocarbon Solvents WK41170
    38.35Reapproval of D0329-2007E1 Specification for Acetone WK41516
    39.35Reapproval of D0330-2007 Specification for 2-Butoxyethanol WK41517
    40.35Reapproval of D1836-2007 Specification for Commercial Hexanes WK41518
    41.35Reapproval of D2190-2007 Specification for Vinyl Acetate WK41519
    42.35Reapproval of D2634-2007 Specification for Methyl Amyl Acetate (95 % Grade) WK41520
    43.35Reapproval of D2917-2007 Specification for Methyl Isoamyl Ketone WK41521
    44.35Reapproval of D3128-2007 Specification for 2-Methoxyethanol WK41522
    45.35Reapproval of D3131-2007 Specification for Isopropyl Acetate (99 % Grade) WK41523
    46.35Reapproval of D5137-2007 Specification for Hexyl Acetate WK41524
    47.36Revision Of D1795-1996(2007)E1 Test Method for Intrinsic Viscosity of Cellulose WK41066
    48.36Revision Of D5897-1996(2007) Test Method for Determination of Percent Hydroxyl on Cellulose Esters by Potentiometric Titration--Alternative Method WK41065
    49.36Reapproval of D2364-2001(2007)E1 Test Methods for Hydroxyethylcellulose WK41070
    50.36Reapproval of D3876-1996(2007) Test Method for Methoxyl and Hydroxypropyl Substitution in Cellulose Ether Products by Gas Chromatography WK41071
    51.36Reapproval of D4085-1993(2008) Test Method for Metals in Cellulose by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry WK41072
    52.36Reapproval of D5400-2003(2008) Test Methods for Hydroxypropylcellulose WK41073
    53.37Reapproval of D5166-1997(2008)E1 Practice for Laboratory Preparation of Gelled Vehicle Samples Using a Microwave Oven WK41316
    54.37Reapproval of D6687-2007 Guide for Testing Printing Ink Vehicles and Components Thereof WK41320
    55.37Reapproval of D6887-2003(2008) Test Method for Testing Alkyd Compatibility with Resin or Resin Solutions WK41318
    56.37Reapproval of D6989-2003(2008) Practices for Preparation of Solvent and Water Based Ink Resin Solutions WK41322
    57.42Practice For Selecting Wood Substrates for Weathering Evaluations of Architectural Coatings WK32654
    58.42Reapproval of D7306-2007 Practice for Testing Low Temperature Film-Formation of Latex Paints by Visual Observation WK40305
    59.45Reapproval of D4938-1989(2007) Test Method for Erosion Testing of Antifouling Paints Using High Velocity Water WK41493
    60.45Reapproval of D4939-1989(2007) Test Method for Subjecting Marine Antifouling Coating to Biofouling and Fluid Shear Forces in Natural Seawater WK41494
    61.45Reapproval of D5108-1990(2007) Test Method for Organotin Release Rates of Antifouling Coating Systems in Sea Water WK41495
    62.45Reapproval of D5479-1994(2007) Practice for Testing Biofouling Resistance of Marine Coatings Partially Immersed WK41496
    63.45Reapproval of D6903-2007 Test Method for Determination of Organic Biocide Release Rate From Antifouling Coatings in Substitute Ocean Water WK41497
    64.46Revision Of D2200-2008 Practice for Use of Pictorial Surface Preparation Standards and Guides for Painting Steel Surfaces WK40904
    65.46Revision Of D5065-2007 Guide for Assessing the Condition of Aged Coatings on Steel Surfaces WK40903
    66.46Revision Of D5162-2008 Practice for Discontinuity (Holiday) Testing of Nonconductive Protective Coating on Metallic Substrates WK40006
    67.46Revision Of D6578-2008 Practice for Determination of Graffiti Resistance WK40901
    68.46Practice For Determining the Dry Fall (Fog) Properties of Protective Coatings WK34014
    69.47Reapproval of D1734-1993(2007) Practice for Making Cementitious Panels for Testing Coatings WK41498
    70.47Reapproval of D5095-1991(2007) Test Method for Determination of the Nonvolatile Content in Silanes, Siloxanes and Silane-Siloxane Blends Used in Masonry Water Repellent Treatments WK41499
    71.47Reapproval of D5107-2003(2007) Practice for Preparatory Surface Cleaning of Architectural Sandstone WK41500
    72.47Reapproval of D5703-1995(2007) Practice for Preparatory Surface Cleaning for Clay Brick Masonry WK41501
    73.47Reapproval of D5860-1995(2007) Test Method for Evaluation of the Effect of Water Repellent Treatments on Freeze-Thaw Resistance of Hydraulic Cement Mortar Specimens WK41502
    74.47Reapproval of D6904-2003(2007) Practice for Resistance to Wind-Driven Rain for Exterior Coatings Applied on Masonry WK41503
    75.48Reapproval of G0006-2007 Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Pipeline Coatings WK41453
    76.48Reapproval of G0012-2007 Test Method for Nondestructive Measurement of Film Thickness of Pipeline Coatings on Steel WK41457
    77.48Reapproval of G0017-2007 Test Method for Penetration Resistance of Pipeline Coatings (Blunt Rod) WK41458
    78.48Reapproval of G0018-2007 Test Method for Joints, Fittings, and Patches in Coated Pipelines WK41459
    79.48Reapproval of G0055-2007 Test Method for Evaluating Pipeline Coating Patch Materials WK41460
    80.48Reapproval of G0062-2007 Test Methods for Holiday Detection in Pipeline Coatings WK41461
    81.48Reapproval of G0095-2007 Test Method for Cathodic Disbondment Test of Pipeline Coatings (Attached Cell Method) WK41464
    82.48Reapproval with Editorial Changes to G0009-2007 Test Method for Water Penetration into Pipeline Coatings WK41456
    83.48Withdraw With No Replacement to G0070-2007 Test Method for Ring Bendability of Pipeline Coatings (Squeeze Test) WK41462
    84.48Withdraw With Replacement to G0080-2007 Test Method for Specific Cathodic Disbonding of Pipeline Coatings WK41463
    85.51Reapproval of D2967-2007 Test Method for Corner Coverage of Powder Coatings WK40662
    86.51Reapproval of D4217-2007 Test Method for Gel Time of Thermosetting Coating Powder WK40663
    87.51Reapproval of D4242-2007 Test Method for Inclined Plate Flow for Thermosetting Coating Powders WK40664
    88.51Reapproval of D5382-2002(2007) Guide to Evaluation of Optical Properties of Powder Coatings WK40665
    89.51Reapproval of D5861-2007 Guide for Significance of Particle Size Measurements of Coating Powders WK40666
    90.51Reapproval of D5965-2002(2007) Test Methods for Specific Gravity of Coating Powders WK40667
    91.52Reinstatement of D5235-1997 Test Method for Microscopical Measurement of Dry Film Thickness of Coatings on Wood Products WK40757
    92.53Reapproval of D4147-1999(2007)E1 Practice for Applying Coil Coatings Using The Wire-Wound Drawdown Bar WK41347
    93.53Reinstatement of D7093-2004 Test Method for Formability of Thin Film Organic Coatings on Steel Over a Biaxially Stretched Dome WK41346
    94.55Reapproval of D0333-2001(2007) Guide for Clear and Pigmented Lacquers WK41525
    95.55Reapproval of D1308-2002(2007) Test Method for Effect of Household Chemicals on Clear and Pigmented Organic Finishes WK41526
    96.55Reapproval of D2199-2003(2007) Test Method for Measurement of Plasticizer Migration From Vinyl Fabrics to Lacquers WK41527
    97.55Reapproval of D2338-2002(2007) Test Method for Determining Particle Size of Multicolor Lacquers WK41528
    98.55Reapproval of D3002-2007 Guide for Evaluation of Coatings Applied to Plastics WK41529
    99.55Reapproval of D5327-1997(2007) Practice for Evaluating and Comparing Transfer Efficiency of Spray Applied Coatings Under General Laboratory Conditions WK41530
    100.55Reapproval of D5403-1993(2007) Test Methods for Volatile Content of Radiation Curable Materials WK41531
    101.55Reapproval of D6279-2003(2007) Test Method for Rub Abrasion Mar Resistance of High Gloss Coatings WK41532
    102.55Reapproval of D7270-2007 Guide for Environmental and Performance Verification of Factory-Applied Liquid Coatings WK41533
    103.56Reapproval of D2067-1997(2008)E1 Test Method for Coarse Particles in Printing Ink Dispersions WK41058
    104.56Reapproval of D6073-2008A Test Method for Relative Setting of Heatset Printing Inks WK41059
    105.56Reapproval of D6488-2008 Terminology Relating to Print Problems WK41060
    106.56Reapproval of D7305-2008A Test Method for Reflection Density of Printed Matter WK41061
    107.61Reapproval of D5068-2004(2009) Practice for Preparation of Paint Brushes for Evaluation WK41490
    108.61Revision Of D7834-2012 Test Method for Filling Material Shedding of Paint Brushes WK40435