D01 (12-05)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.23Revision Of D1653-2003(2008) Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Organic Coating Films WK29046
    2.24Revision Of D1545-2007(2012) Test Method for Viscosity of Transparent Liquids by Bubble Time Method WK38790
    3.24Revision Of D5478-2009 Test Methods for Viscosity of Materials by a Falling Needle Viscometer WK39865
    4.24Test Methods For Measurment of Yield Stress of Paints, Inks and Related Liquid Materials WK36133
    5.27Withdraw With No Replacement to D1006-2001(2006) Practice for Conducting Exterior Exposure Tests of Paints on Wood
    6.28Test Method For Determination of Mold Growth on Coated Building Products Designed for Interior Applications Using an Environmental Chamber and Indirect Inoculation WK22569
    7.35Revision Of D1353-2009 Test Method for Nonvolatile Matter in Volatile Solvents for Use in Paint, Varnish, Lacquer, and Related Products WK38865
    8.42Reapproval of D5007-1999(2008) Test Method for Wet-to-Dry Hiding Change WK39228
    9.42Reapproval of D6686-2001(2008)E2 Test Method for Evaluation of Tannin Stain Resistance of Coatings WK39227
    10.42Reapproval of D6736-2008 Test Method for Burnish Resistance of Latex Paints WK39226
    11.46Revision Of D4787-2008 Practice for Continuity Verification of Liquid or Sheet Linings Applied to Concrete Substrates WK40007
    12.46Revision Of D5162-2008 Practice for Discontinuity (Holiday) Testing of Nonconductive Protective Coating on Metallic Substrates WK40006
    13.53New Standard (Formerly D3794-2000) Guide for Testing Coil Coatings WK39835
    14.46Revision Of D7127-2005 Test Method for Measurement of Surface Roughness of Abrasive Blast Cleaned Metal Surfaces Using a Portable Stylus Instrument WK26554