D01 (12-04)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.23Reapproval of D0823-1995(2007) Practices for Producing Films of Uniform Thickness of Paint, Varnish, and Related Products on Test Panels WK38195
    2.23Reapproval of D2134-1993(2007) Test Method for Determining the Hardness of Organic Coatings with a Sward-Type Hardness Rocker WK38000
    3.23Reapproval of D6905-2003(2008) Test Method for Impact Flexibility of Organic Coatings WK38001
    4.23Revision Of D2197-2010 Test Method for Adhesion of Organic Coatings by Scrape Adhesion WK34259
    5.23Revision Of D5178-1998(2008) Test Method for Mar Resistance of Organic Coatings WK34258
    6.24Test Methods For Determination of Yield Stress of Paints, Inks and Related Liquid Materials WK36133
    7.24Reapproval of D1475-1998(2008) Test Method For Density of Liquid Coatings, Inks, and Related Products WK38203
    8.24Reapproval of D5682-2008 Test Methods for Electrical Resistivity of Liquid Paint and Related Materials WK38204
    9.24Reapproval of D6165-1997(2008) Guide for the Comparison, Detection, and Identification of the Odors of Paints, Inks, and Related Materials WK38205
    10.25Reapproval of D0610-2008 Practice for Evaluating Degree of Rusting on Painted Steel Surfaces WK38953
    11.33New Standard (Formerly D0360-1989(2001)) Specification for Shellac Varnishes WK37910
    12.33Reapproval of D5910-2005 Test Method for Determination of Free Formaldehyde in Emulsion Polymers by Liquid Chromatography WK38028
    13.34Revision Of D0233-2008 Test Methods of Sampling and Testing Turpentine WK38464
    14.34Revision Of D0803-2003(2008) Test Methods for Testing Tall Oil WK38465
    15.34Revision Of D0890-1998(2008) Test Method for Water in Liquid Naval Stores WK38467
    16.34Revision With Title Change to D1240-2002(2006) Test Methods for Rosin Acids Content of Naval Stores, Including Rosin, Tall Oil, and Related Products WK36840
    17.34Revision Of D6090-1999(2008) Test Method for Softening Point Resins (Mettler Cup and Ball Method) WK38468
    18.34Revision With Title Change to D6166-2008 Test Method for Color of Naval Stores and Related Products (Instrumental Determination of Gardner Color) WK38466
    19.36Revision Of D0817-1996(2010) Test Methods of Testing Cellulose Acetate Propionate and Cellulose Acetate Butyrate WK38378
    20.37Terminology For Printing Ink Vehicles and Related Materials WK35704
    21.37New Standard (Formerly D5165-1993(2004)) Practice for Laboratory Preparation of Gelled Vehicles Using a Resin Kettle WK38469
    22.37Reapproval with Editorial Changes to D5958-1999(2011) Practices for Preparation of Oil-Based Ink Resin Solutions WK38463
    23.44Revision Of D4797-2012 Test Methods for Gravimetric Analysis of White and Yellow Thermoplastic Traffic Marking WK38595
    24.46Reapproval of D6578-2008 Practice for Determination of Graffiti Resistance WK38893
    25.46Reapproval of D5702-2007 Practice for Field Sampling of Coating Films for Analysis for Heavy Metals WK38010
    26.46Reapproval of D6677-2007 Test Method for Evaluating Adhesion by Knife WK38009
    27.46Revision Of D7682-2010 Test Method for Replication and Measurement of Concrete Surface Profiles Using Replica Putty WK33449
    28.48Reapproval of G0011-2004 Test Method for Effects of Outdoor Weathering on Pipeline Coatings WK38441
    29.53Revision Of D6906-2012 Test Method for Determination of Titanium Treatment Weight on Metal Substrates by Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence WK38444
    30.53Test Method For for Determining the Solvent Resistance of an Organic Coating using a Mechanical Rubbing Machine WK36077
    31.56Revision Of D4713-1992(2007) Test Methods for Nonvolatile Content of Heatset and Liquid Printing Ink Systems WK36416
    32.61Reapproval of D5301-1992(2008) Practice for Physical Characterization of Paint Brushes WK37778
    33.61Reapproval of D7233-2008 Test Method for Testing Fracture of Level Paintbrush Filaments WK37779
    34.35Reapproval of D1720-2003(2008) Test Method for Dilution Ratio of Active Solvents in Cellulose Nitrate Solutions WK39060
    35.35Reapproval of D2086-2008 Test Method for Acidity in Vinyl Acetate and Acetaldehyde WK39061
    36.35Reapproval of D2627-2008 Specification for Diacetone Alcohol WK39062
    37.35Reapproval of D3728-2008 Specification for 2-Ethoxyethyl Acetate (99 % Grade) WK39063
    38.35Reapproval of D4835-2008 Specification for Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate WK39064
    39.31Reapproval of D0185-2007 Test Methods for Coarse Particles in Pigments WK39067
    40.31Reapproval of D0209-1981(2007) Specification for Lampblack Pigment WK39068
    41.31Reapproval of D0279-2002(2007) Test Methods for Bleeding of Pigments WK39069
    42.31Reapproval of D0280-2001(2007) Test Methods for Hygroscopic Moisture (and Other Matter Volatile Under the Test Conditions) in Pigments WK39070
    43.31Reapproval of D0521-2002(2007) Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Zinc Dust (Metallic Zinc Powder) WK39071
    44.31Reapproval of D0602-1981(2007) Specification for Barium Sulfate Pigments WK39072
    45.31Reapproval of D0607-1982(2007) Specification for Wet Ground Mica Pigments WK39074
    46.31Reapproval of D0605-1982(2007) Specification for Magnesium Silicate Pigment (Talc) WK39073
    47.31Reapproval of D0716-1986(2007) Test Methods for Evaluating Mica Pigment WK39075
    48.31Reapproval of D0768-2001(2007) Specification for Yellow Iron Oxide Hydrated WK39076
    49.31Reapproval of D0769-2001(2007) Specification for Black Synthetic Iron Oxide WK39077
    50.31Reapproval of D1208-1996(2007) Test Methods for Common Properties of Certain Pigments WK39078
    51.31Reapproval of D1366-1986(2007) Practice for Reporting Particle Size Characteristics of Pigments WK39079
    52.31Reapproval of D2448-1985(2007) Test Method for Water-Soluble Salts in Pigments by Measuring the Specific Resistance of the Leachate of the Pigment WK39080
    53.31Reapproval of D3724-2001(2007) Specification for Synthetic Brown Iron Oxide Pigment WK39081
    54.31Reapproval of D4288-2002(2007) Specification for Calcium Borosilicate Pigments WK39082
    55.31Reapproval of D4450-1985(2007) Test Method for Analysis of Zinc Hydroxy Phosphite Pigment WK39083
    56.31Reapproval of D4462-2002(2007) Specification for Zinc Hydroxy Phosphite Pigment WK39084
    57.61Test Method For Filling Material Shedding of Paint Brushes WK22395
    58.35Revision Of D1153-2006 Specification for Methyl Isobutyl Ketone WK39087
    59.35Revision Of D3540-2006 Specification for Primary Amyl Acetate, Synthetic (98 % Grade) WK39088
    60.35Revision Of D4615-2006 Specification for n-Butyl Acetate (All Grades) WK39089