C26 (14-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.05Revision Of C1163-2008 Practice for Mounting Actinides for Alpha Spectrometry Using Neodymium Fluoride WK40853
    2.05Revision Of C1204-2002(2008)E1 Test Method for Uranium in Presence of Plutonium by Iron(II) Reduction in Phosphoric Acid Followed by Chromium(VI) Titration WK44184
    3.05Revision Of C1307-2002(2008) Test Method for Plutonium Assay by Plutonium (III) Diode Array Spectrophotometry WK44888
    4.05Reapproval of C1347-2008 Practice for Preparation and Dissolution of Uranium Materials for Analysis WK44361
    5.05Revision Of C1415-2001A(2007) Test Method for 238Pu Isotopic Abundance By Alpha Spectrometry WK44096
    6.05Reapproval of C1429-1999(2009)E1 Test Method for Isotopic Analysis of Uranium Hexafluoride by Double-Standard Multi-Collector Gas Mass Spectrometer WK45519
    7.05Reapproval of C1539-2008 Test Method for Determination of Technetium-99 in Uranium Hexafluoride by Liquid Scintillation Counting WK45518
    8.05Practice For Analysis of Spent Nuclear Fuel to Determine Selected Isotopes and Estimate Fuel Burnup WK29794
    9.08Revision Of C1128-2001(2008) Guide for Preparation of Working Reference Materials for Use in Analysis of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Materials WK36356
    10.09Reapproval of C1062-2000(2008) Guide for Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Nuclear Fuel Dissolution Facilities WK44950
    11.14Revision Of C1533-2008 Guide for General Design Considerations for Hot Cell Equipment WK45239