C24 (13-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.01Revision Of C0717-2012B Terminology of Building Seals and Sealants WK37115
    2.10Reapproval of C1330-2002(2007) Specification for Cylindrical Sealant Backing for Use with Cold Liquid-Applied Sealants WK41272
    3.20Revision Of C1183-2004(2008) Test Method for Extrusion Rate of Elastomeric Sealants WK40586
    4.30Revision Of C1216-2003(2008) Test Method for Adhesion and Cohesion of One-Part Elastomeric Solvent Release Sealants WK40561
    5.30Revision Of C1521-2009E1 Practice for Evaluating Adhesion of Installed Weatherproofing Sealant Joints WK38059
    6.20Revision Of C0782-2003(2009) Test Method for Softness of Preformed Tape Sealants WK40437