C14 (14-01)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.04Revision Of C1426-2009 Practices for Verification and Calibration of Polarimeters WK41358
    2.07Revision Of C0148-2012 Test Methods for Polariscopic Examination of Glass Containers WK41542
    3.07Revision Of C0149-1986(2010) Test Method for Thermal Shock Resistance of Glass Containers WK44029
    4.08Withdraw With Replacement to C1377-1997(2009) Test Method for Calibration of Surface/Stress Measuring Devices WK45243
    5.10Reapproval of C0676-2004(2009) Test Method for Detergent Resistance of Ceramic Decorations on Glass Tableware WK43652
    6.10Reapproval of C0735-2004(2009) Test Method for Acid Resistance of Ceramic Decorations on Returnable Beer and Beverage Glass Containers WK43653
    7.10Reapproval of C0777-2004(2009) Test Method for Sulfide Resistance of Ceramic Decorations on Glass WK43655
    8.10Reapproval of C0927-1980(2009) Test Method for Lead and Cadmium Extracted from the Lip and Rim Area of Glass Tumblers Externally Decorated with Ceramic Glass Enamels WK43656
    9.10Reapproval of C0978-2004(2009) Test Method for Photoelastic Determination of Residual Stress in a Transparent Glass Matrix Using a Polarizing Microscope and Optical Retardation Compensation Procedures WK43657
    10.10Reapproval of C1203-2004(2009) Test Method for Quantitative Determination of Alkali Resistance of a Ceramic-Glass Enamel WK43658
    11.11Revision Of C1649-2008 Practice for Instrumental Transmittance Measurement of Color for Flat Glass, Coated and Uncoated WK44878
    12.11Revision Of C1650-2007 Practice for Instrumental Reflectance Measurement of Color for Flat Glass, Coated, and Uncoated WK44879
    13.11Revision Of C1652/C1652M-2006 Test Method For Measuring Optical Distortion in Flat Glass Products Using Digital Photography of Grids WK44880