C14 (13-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.02Reapproval of C0912-1993(2008)E1 Practice for Designing a Process for Cleaning Technical Glasses WK43031
    2.04Revision Of C1426-2009 Practices for Verification and Calibration of Polarimeters WK41358
    3.04Revision Of F0218-2012 Test Method for Measuring Optical Retardation and Analyzing Stress in Glass WK39465
    4.04Reapproval of C0338-1993(2008) Test Method for Softening Point of Glass WK18305
    5.04Reapproval of C0598-1993(2008) Test Method for Annealing Point and Strain Point of Glass by Beam Bending WK43023
    6.04Reapproval of C0657-1993(2008) Test Method for D-C Volume Resistivity of Glass WK43024
    7.04Reapproval of C0693-1993(2008) Test Method for Density of Glass by Buoyancy WK43025
    8.04Reapproval of C0730-1998(2008) Test Method for Knoop Indentation Hardness of Glass WK43026
    9.04Reapproval of C0770-1998(2008) Test Method for Measurement of Glass Stress--Optical Coefficient WK43027
    10.04Reapproval of C1256-1993(2008) Practice for Interpreting Glass Fracture Surface Features WK43028
    11.04Reapproval of C1350M-1996(2008) Test Method for Measurement of Viscosity of Glass Between Softening Point and Annealing Range (Approximately 108 Pas to Approximately 1013 Pas) by Beam Bending (Metric) WK43029
    12.04Reapproval of F0140-1998(2008) Practice for Making Reference Glass-Metal Butt Seals and Testing for Expansion Characteristics by Polarimetric Methods WK43030
    13.07Revision Of C0148-2012 Test Methods for Polariscopic Examination of Glass Containers WK41542
    14.08Revision Of C1279-2009 Test Method for Non-Destructive Photoelastic Measurement of Edge and Surface Stresses in Annealed, Heat-Strengthened, and Fully Tempered Flat Glass WK37476