C08 (14-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.01Revision Of C1419-1999A(2009) Test Method for Sonic Velocity in Refractory Materials at Room Temperature and Its Use in Obtaining an Approximate Youngs Modulus WK46635
    2.03Reapproval of C0210-1995(2007)E1 Test Method for Reheat Change of Insulating Firebrick WK46439
    3.04Reapproval of C0288-1987(2009) Test Method for Disintegration of Refractories in an Atmosphere of Carbon Monoxide WK46440
    4.09Revision Of C0179-2011 Test Method for Drying and Firing Linear Change of Refractory Plastic and Ramming Mix Specimens WK40470
    5.10Reapproval of C0621-2009 Test Method for Isothermal Corrosion Resistance of Refractories to Molten Glass WK46442
    6.10Reapproval of C1223-2009 Test Method for Testing of Glass Exudation from AZS Fusion-Cast Refractories WK46443
    7.92Revision Of C0071-2012 Terminology Relating to Refractories WK46488
    8.92Revision Of C0071-2012 Terminology Relating to Refractories WK46488
    9.92Revision Of C0467-1997(2008) Classification of Mullite Refractories WK46487
    10.92Reapproval of C0861-1993(2010) Practice for Determining Metric Dimensions of Standard Series Refractory Brick and Shapes WK46441